Inquiring Minds Want to Know

The News-Miner reports US Senate candidate Joe Miller was involved in a traffic accident this morning. No serious injuries to anyone involved. And Miller is quoted, at second or third hand, as saying it wasn’t his fault. This is a bit of a family tradition.

Also this morning, a crude, vulgar and sophomoric message was posted by Miller on Twitter. The message appears to call Senator Murkowski a whore. Miller claims, second or third hand, that the message was sent by an “overzealous staffer.” And that the intent was to scorn the Libertarian Party, not Senator Murkowski, despite the plain meaning.

But WC has a question on this stuff: when was the tweet sent in relation to the auto accident? Anyone who re-tweeted it have the time it was sent? This isn’t a Rush Limbaugh question that’s really an unsupported attack. WC really wants to know, when was the “oldest profession” tweet sent?

Of course, Joe Miller can answer this question. But WC doesn’t expect him to do so.