Breathtaking Arrogance

Update: The News-Miner reports that the Miller campaign blames a staffer for these tweets. What staffer would presume to use a first person pronoun in writing tweets? WC suggests it is far more likely that Miller has thrown another one of his staffers under the bus. The News-Miner also reports the tweets were deleted as “inappropriate.” That cow is out of the barn. It’s long down the road. It’s been struck by a lot of cars. It’s a bit late to close the barn door.

WC will be brief.

Who could possibly vote for someone arrogant enough to tweet about picking office furniture and the plaque for the door, BEFORE THE ELECTION?

Who could possibly vote for someone whose judgment is so bad that they boast about winning an election that hasn’t occurred yet?

And deleting the tweets later? Isn’t that like the cat trying to cover up his mess on the linoleum floor?

Is John Lindauer in the house? Your record for stupid electioneering is in jeopardy.


One thought on “Breathtaking Arrogance

  1. Yesterday my better half sent a donation to Russ Feingold. Today I’m contacting Scott McAdams with a small check. We don’t live in either WI or AK. I can’t believe I’m seeing this. Isn’t cash from outsiders a Republican practice? Or have I just not been paying attention in class?

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