Kindergarten Name-calling

WC respectfully requests the Governor Sean Parnell please grow up. It’s far past time.

WC received an unsolicited email from the Governor. It states,

A picture paints a thousand words – and with just 33 days to go – now, more than ever Alaskans must unite to defeat Obama’s team in Alaska – Oberkowitz and Obenson.

Oberkowitz said it himself: “It doesn’t matter if it’s Obama, Obegich, or Oberkowitz. We’re gonna change things, and I need your help to do it.” The urgency is evident and the Parnell – Treadwell team needs your support now to keep the Obama agenda out of Juneau.

Childish, stupid and silly name-calling, and not particularly clever. Nor is there an “Obama agenda” in Juneau. There is, however, abundant paranoia, especially in the Governor’s Office, and outrageous pandering. Parnell actually boasts about it:

The Parnell-Treadwell team is suing to block Obama’s moratorium on offshore drilling, suing against unconstitutional Obamacare, fighting ESA listings based on politics, not science.

Let’s see. We’ve just had the worst oil spill in the nation’s history, and it involved in substantial part the failure to adequately supervise the leasing, drilling and extraction process. There have been a series of substantial spills along the pipeline corridor. Shell Oil proposes to drill in a habitat much more fragile than the Gulf of Mexico. And it’s somehow wrong to call a time-out? To make certain the spill prevention plan doesn’t talk about manatees and crocodiles? To make certain we’ve done everything reasonable to protect our natural resources?

Governor Parnell, you swore to uphold the Alaska Constitution. That Constitution says you have to manage the waters of Alaska “for the maximum benefit of the people,” not the short term benefit of oil companies. Or even larger permanent fund dividends. You swore to protect Alaska’s waters. Instead, you are trying to prevent them from being protected.

Alaska has a health care crisis. Health insurance premiums are doubling every 2-3 years. They are already unaffordable to many businesses. You’ve been in public office too long. You’re used to the State of Alaska providing you with cadillac coverage. Out here in the real world, it’s a crisis. And your solution is to sue to stop the modest reforms adopted by Congress – solutions the Republicans first proposed a few years ago. What’s your solution, Governor? What have you done to fix the problem? As opposed to a lawsuit that’s mere posturing, and only makes things worse.

And you’ve filed not one but two lawsuits to stop enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. Once for beluga whales; once for polar bears. You criticize the science. Governor, WC means no disrespect but you wouldn’t know science if it bit you on the butt. Just answer this: where are the beluga whales that have been in Upper Cook Inlet longer than you’ve been alive? Where’s the polar sea ice? Dr. Steve Amstrup, the world’s expert on Alaska polar bears lives in Anchorage. Why don’t you spend a couple of hours with him and ask him if he thinks polar bears are endangered? Oh. Right. It might contradict your beliefs.

Alaska has very real, very serious problems. And you’re trying to raise money by pandering at best, and invoking voters’ paranoia at worst. WC has very low expectations for politicians; you’ve managed to sink beneath them.