500 Posts…

WC interrupts regular blog posts for this special Meta Edition

500 Posts

WC wants to pause briefly to note the 500th post to Wickersham’s Conscience. Yes, WC has been abusing innocent electrons through 500 essays now. Shameful, to be sure.

But the real celebration should be you, WC’s readers, whose comments and emails have inspired – for a given definition of “inspired” – WC, and contributed no small number of ideas for blog pieces.

As WC’s readers know, WC brings a magpie judgment and selection process to these essays, selecting bright and shiny trinkets that appeal to WC at the moment. WC has been working on more extended analysis, as in the recently concluded Meghan Simon series and the intermittent critiques of “exceptionalism.” And WC will shortly be adding a couple of new features available through WordPress, including the first ever poll. There’s still the unfinished business of picking the ideal metaphor for Caribou Barbie.

Some tidbits:

  • The most popular single blog post, in terms of viewers, remains WC’s first essay on Joe Miller. It was linked by Mudflats, Immoral Minority and Huffington. For whatever reason, readers are still going to the post.
  • The most popular single topic, in terms of viewers, remains Caribou Barbie. As WC has said before, he has serious misgivings about writing on The Quitter. It feeds her need for attention. Absent extraordinary conduct on her part, expect fewer Palin posts.
  • The most popular subject, in terms of comments, is still Joe Miller. His slow political suicide in front of the entire nation inspired amazing numbers of comments, few of them kind.
  • There is no relation between the amount of effort WC puts into a blog post and its popularity. Difficult posts to research and write like Don’t Discard ACES get very few visits. Knock-offs like to the link to Jim Wright’s screed are wildly popular. At least some of WC’s readers prefer entertainment to education.
  • The audiences for nature photography and politics are very different, with little overlap.
  • WC is forced to conclude there is no audience for economics. Not that it will stop WC from writing about it. Celtic Diva described WC as “wonkish” and WC strives to live up to the reputation.

So thanks again to you, the readers of Wickersham’s Conscience. Keep the ideas, suggestions and questions coming.

We now return to the regular programming.


5 thoughts on “500 Posts…

  1. WC:

    I appreciate all your posts, I can’t think of too many that I have not read. The one on ACES and other economic issues have been of great interest to me.

    Thank you for your writing on a personal level about Meghan Simon. That was obviously difficult and you did an excellent job of describing events without being overly emotional.

  2. Congratulations on your first 500 posts.
    I was interested in your post about Meghan Simon.
    I am so sorry that you and your family had to deal with your mom’s death, plus a thief and a liar and finally an inept court system.
    I would hope that other families would never have to deal with a Meghan Simon type of person and the decline of a loved one.
    It appears the court protects these type of predators.
    I am glad that you have a blog to get the word out!

  3. >WC is forced to conclude there is no audience for economics.
    Make that an audience of one, however disagreeable. 🙂

    Good work on 500. I would be curious to know what you have ‘learned’ from the experience. I’ve been chatting online since my first Compuserve account in 1986-7. But never with the intensity or depth of your discussions.

  4. Congratulations on the 500!

    I am curious about a thing or two – Mostly I visit my preferred blogs when sitting with a cuppa, taking a lifebreak, workbreak, etc. I’ll open at the current post and read until I’ve caught up to a previously read post. Since this might not happen on a daily basis, I’m guessing this only registers my ‘hit’ on the day/post used to enter the site? And if that’s the case, you should know I read ‘everything’ you post – including the economics and especially the beautiful photography!

    Also too and… I would very much like to know how Ms. Simon gets work referrals? Would you be a ‘previous employer’ asked to make comments? And then, are you even allowed (legally) to say she stole from your mother?

    Again – congratulations on the 500th post. Looking forward to the next 500 🙂

    • Ozmud –

      You are right; visitors who go to WC’s home page, and then scroll down through posts, count as one view no matter how many articles they read. Unless you go to the individual page – say, to read comments – it’s only one view. But WC’s not in it for the number of views; rather, for the number of viewers. And that’s going pretty well.

      WC is unsure how Meghan Simon will get a job to make money to pay restitution. Her resumé will have lacunae, and she obviously won’t use WC for referrals. If she were foolish enough to do so, WC will describe the facts. Truth is a complete defense to claims of defamation.


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