Holiday Card #2

The late Carl Sagan created this, which captures pretty well WC’s view on such matters. It seems especially appropriate for December 25. A tip of the hat to Gryphen at Immoral Minority for the idea.

2011 in Review: WC’s Wishes

Once again, WC opened the year with wishes for the upcoming months. And once again, WC’s hopes were mostly dashed. But with just a week or so left in 2011, let’s look at the specifics: 1. WC wishes that the Republican House and the Democratic Senate recognize that health care reform isn’t a political football, or…

Pigeons and Republicans

It turns out that pigeons (Columba livia) can rank items by numbers; they recognize, for example, that three is larger than two. On the evidence, this makes them brighter than House Republicans.

The First American Environmentalist

WC was brought to believe that Henry David Thoreau, under-bathed proto-hippy and general rabble rouser, was America’s first environmentalist, with Ralph Waldo Emerson in a supporting role. WC was taught wrong. Teabaggers, presumably, will be appalled to learn that the man who on May 12, 1818 said: [W]e can scarcely be warranted in supposing that…

16 More Seconds

In celebration of 16 more seconds of daylight today, WC offers this very brief clip of solstice sunlight, courtesy of Todd Paris and the University of Alaska Marketing and Communications office. Hey, it’s a start.

Texas Justice Revisited

Meet Michael Morton. Mr. Morton was just exonerated after being wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. He spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Just another case of Texas justice, you say? Perhaps this time it’s a little worse. There are very strong indications of very serious prosecutorial misconduct in…