WC’s Photo Show: A Virtual Tour

By popular demand – well, a couple of requests – here are some snapshots of WC’s photos hanging at River City Cafe.

Shorebird Group, with Rock Ptarmigan

Shorebird Group, with Rock Ptarmigan

WC grouped the photos into families, for the most part. Here are the shorebirds, accented by a pair of Rock Ptarmigan. The Semipalmated Plover in the lower left was pretty popular. You can see the photos hang from cooper rails near the ceiling; it makes it a struggle to align the photos. And the long pieces of monofilament stretch over time.

Passerine Corner

Passerine Corner

The southeast corner of the Cafe was set up as a Passerine corner, with a decent selection of different species. The bright red Pine Grosbeak male was probably the species the drew the most comments in this group. Down in the lower left is a photo of a pocket gopher in his hole, warning folks of a hole in the floor.

Waterfowl, with a Gull and a Tern

Waterfowl, with a Gull and a Tern

The west wall was waterfowl and a couple of Larids. The Trumpeter Swans were very popular, which again demonstrates WC has no idea what will be popular and what won’t. A total of 22 photos were on display.

Horned Grebe Courtship

Horned Grebe Courtship

Finally, here’s a sample of one of the gallery-wrap shots as delivered for printing. It’s also the image WC uses on his business card. Horned Grebes in mating plumage are among the most spectacular Alaska birds.

The show was a reasonable success, highlighted by one sale, one promise and a handful of promises of followup. We’ll see if there are enough sales to, you know, pay for the show.

Speaking of sales, all of these photos in gallery-wrap mounts, are available for $150 a piece.

The photos will be up until April 30 if you are downtown. Thanks again to Bobbi Eller, owner of River City Cafe,  for hosting WC’s work.

This will be the last bit of shameless self-promotion for a while. But there are Snow Buntings in town; spring migration, and more bird photos, may be happening soon.


8 thoughts on “WC’s Photo Show: A Virtual Tour

  1. It appears the Canadian snow geese are headed back your way. I couldn’t find any in town. Your pictures are so lovely; they seem to really capture the character of each bird. Have you been interested in birds your whole life?

    • Oddly, we don’t often get Snow Geese here, even in migration. They breed in far northern Canada. We get Canada,Cackling and GreaterWhite-fronted Geese in Interior Alaska.

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ve been a birder about 16 years, and owe it to my wife,who is a life-long birder.


  2. WC, your images look lovely hanging on the wall of the River City Cafe. Your Horned Grebe image is especially lovely.

    I recently had a Short-eared Owl printed on metallic paper, wow, it turned out beautiful. Have yet to try a gallery wrap mount.

  3. Congratulations on your show and thanks so much for sharing it here with all of us strangers 🙂

    In the ‘Passerine Corner’ the two photos upper right – each bird in a corner made from branch and trunk – I love that particular way of naturally framing the star of the show slightly off center. When I look through my lens that’s how I see things. I like them all – but those two especially.

    My favourite of all however is the tern. It immediately evoked a youthful memory of jumping out of airplanes for sport. It’s a visual of that exhilarating rush one feels when first falling out the door of the plane, rolling over once and ending up with head down and arms spread and slightly behind as if they were wings and instead of falling, you were actually in flight, in control and in perfect harmony with the universe. The photo is hopeful and i like hopeful art.

    Thank you again for sharing… fingers crossed for you on the money end. I can’t imagine them not selling.

  4. Obviously, thanks are due to Mrs. WC if she is the reason you’ve become a birder. Thank you, Mrs. WC. Thank you, WC for sharing your photographic talent with us.

    The photographs are indeed gorgeous. Lucky are those who get to eat in their presence. Each photograph conveys the dignity and character of its subject very well and transports the viewer to a deeper appreciation of nature.

    Lucky, too, are those who get one of WC’s business cards with the Horned Grebes.

    Thanks, WC, for listening to our requests to see the show. We appreciate the extra effort you put forth to share it with us.

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