Sorting Through the In Box: WC Gets Mail

It’s a mixed bag in the email box. WC will sort through a selection for you.

Reader Paul Eaglin pointed WC to a recent article demonstrating there is more than one way to rig a death penalty case. In the South, it’s often done by the selective use of preemptive challenges in jury selection. A “preemptive challenge” is the right of a party to a lawsuit to dismiss a potential juror without cause and with explaining why. North Carolina, which doesn’t always do the right thing, did enact the Racial Justice Act. Marcus Reymond Robinson used the Act recently to set aside his death sentence, because his lawyers demonstrated that the prosecution used preemptory challenges three times as often where the juror was an African-American as when a juror was white. In the context of a Black killing a White in North Carolina, the judge concluded, that was unjust. Marcus Reymond Robinson will spend the rest of his life in jail, but cannot be executed.

Reader JustaScalawag responded to WC’s recent post on Bristol Palin by directing WC to Frank Bruni’s recent screed in the New York Times on The Quitter’s oldest daughter. Sample quote:

But she so perfectly distills the double standards and audacity of so many of our country’s self-appointed moralists and supposed traditionalists: hypocrites whose own histories, along with any sense of shame, tumble out the window as soon as there’s a microphone to be seized or check to be cashed.

Nice! But the referee has whistled WC for piling on.

AKYahoo noted Paul Jenkins’ comment in the Anchorage Daily News that the Alaska GOP recently did Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska) a huge favor: they let Joe Miller’s storm troopers take over control of the GOP in Alaska. Presumably, that allows Joe Miller a head start at running against Begich. WC already had Jenkins’ piece flagged for a blog post, but a tip of the hat to AKYahoo for seeing the signs. WC respectfully disagrees with Mr. Jenkins. History suggests that the Alaska Republican Party is nearly irrelevant to the business of electing U.S. senators. Ask Senator Murkowski.

Reader Diana points WC to’s infographic on The Mitt’s award as individual tax hacking champion. Among other insights, it shows that The Mitt’s net worth is greater than the combined net worth of the previous eight presidents. Note: WC hasn’t independently confirmed the accuracy of the graphic, or sourced it. Use at your own risk.

Foreignaffairs (Foreign Affairs!) emailed to ask what WC meant by “magpie sensibility.” WC is flattered and appalled. But in mythology, at least, magpies are attracted to shiny objects, whether valuable or trash, which they carry to their nest and then forget or ignore. WC has suggested it is an apt metaphor for the subjects WC chooses to address and, WC fears, the extent of his follow-through.

The same writer asks again how much of the stuff WC writes about is real and how much is made up and accuses WC of dodging the question. Yes. And yes. Get over it.

The rest of the stuff is too vulgar for WC’s blog and will be used as digital mulch.