“I’m from Shell – Trust Me”

Royal Dutch Shell Logo

Shell Logo

Can we all agree Shell doesn’t inspire confidence?

The company is mounting the first ever oil and gas drilling operation far off shore in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. We are supposed to trust them to do it right, although WC is deeply skeptical.First, one of the vessels in its Chukchi Sea-bound fleet, tellingly the oil spill containment barge, the grandiosely-named Arctic Challenger, has failed to pass Coast Guard inspection and, as WC writes, remains disabled from leaving Dutch Harbor. So far, the Feds have refused to allow Shell’s drilling program to go forward without the oil containment barge. Can we all agree that Shell’s failure to meet the minimum requirements for conditions in the area is troubling?

Now, we have this:

On the Beach - Shell's Noble Discoverer

On the Beach, Shell’s Noble Discoverer – Photo by Kristjan Laxfoss

The 541-foot long Noble Discoverer slipped dragged its anchor and ran aground – Shell claims the ship “drifted toward land and stopped very near the coast.” Unalaska residents on the scene, who know a little bit about boats, water and coasts, are pretty clear that the Noble Discovered was aground, happily on mud and not rocks.

The inattention to critical duties gives anyone familiar with the history of the oil industry and offshore drilling a sinking feeling in the gut. Lying about what happened is only to be expected. WC more or less expects the oil industry to lie.

An this Keystone Cops act is going to drill in a pristine Arctic environment?


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  1. Stop your whining. Pretty soon it won’t be a “pristine Arctic environment” any more, so you’ll have no grounds for complaint. Don’t you understand that poisoning oceans and beaches with petroleum is one of the risks we have to take in order to stuff our landfills with plastics? 🙂

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