Alaska Family Council: Cowards and Cheats

The group of Christianists calling itself the “Alaska Family Council” is once again launching a last-minute attack against a respected judge. A serial, recidivist offender, this group of unscrupulous cowards is once again trying to accomplish by ambush what it doesn’t dare attempt by fair tactics.

Superior Court Judge Sen K. Tan is the presiding judge for the Third Judicial District. He has served as a superior court judge for 15 years. Like all superior court judges, he stands for retention election every six years. As is required by law, the Alaska Judicial Council evaluated all judges standing for election. The Judicial Council recommended that Judge Tan be retained. His scores among the attorneys, peace officers and other appearing before him were quite good. WC can report from personal experience that Judge Tan is diligent, hardworking, intelligent and careful. He’s precisely the kind of person Alaskans should want to retain as a trial judge.

But the Alaska Family Council dislikes Judge Tan’s decisions on abortion. That by itself is fine. By definition, Judge Tan and his colleagues are going to disappoint and annoy at least half of the people appearing in front of them. WC is personally offended by single issue organizations like Jim Minnery’s Alaska Family Council, who are incapable of understanding multi-variate analyses. But we live in a democracy, and they are entitled to their opinions, and even to be as noisy and obnoxious about their opinions as they are.

What’s not okay is for the Alaska Family Council to engage in ambush tactics, launching atttacks on Judge Tan and others at the last minute, when it is too late for Judge Tan or his supporters to respond. That’s cowardly; it’s the moral equivalent of sneaking up behind someone and banging their head with a rock.

This isn’t the first time that Jim Minnery and his pack of true believers have acted like hyenas. They attempted the same scurrilous tactics against Chief Justice Dana Fabe in 2010. And when the Alaska Judicial Council in 2010 acted to protect the integrity of the judicial retention process, the cowards and cheats went to court to challenge the Judicial Council’s efforts to keep the system fair. The Alaska Family Council lost. See? There is justice.

Now they are doing it again. Never mind that the Judicial Council’s report has been out for more than 60 days. Never mind that Judge Tan’s decisions were made back in 2003, and he has successfully stood for retention since. Never mind that the Alaska Supreme Court affirmed Judge Tan’s decisions.  Never mind that Alaska Family Council’s issues are old, stale news. The real problem is that Alaska Family Council’s ambush politics subvert the informed and thoughtful discussion that underlies the electoral process. By repeatedly attempting to ambush a judicial retention candidate, they subvert our election process and democracy itself.

Protect the integrity of our system of government. Ignore the cheaters and cowards. Ignore the Christianist hate. Support a fine judge.

Vote to retain Judge Sen Tan.

The opinions in this post are solely those of WC. This post has not been approved by any party or candidate. No expenses were incurred in creating this post. No electrons were harmed in creating this post.


3 thoughts on “Alaska Family Council: Cowards and Cheats

  1. Whenever I hear of an organization named such as the “Alaska Family Council” my warning indicators go off. Almost every time these so named entities act in such a way to be exactly opposite of what they call themselves.

    Minnery and his band of zealots are plain dangerous.

  2. I don’t F’n believe it Wick! I just checked my personal email and I’ve got an email from the Alaska Family Council preaching we need to get rid of “activist judges” like Tan. “Anchorage Daily Planet Questions Alaska Judicial Council” Isn’t that Paul Jenkin’s group?

    I have no idea how they got my email, I see they also sent it to my husband too. I of course immediately “unsubscribed” from the list serve and sent them a scathing reply. I’ve pasted it here for your enjoyment:

    “I don’t know how you got my email. ( I have visited your unsubscribe link now as I don’t want your hateful junk in my email) But since you felt it necessary to send this to me, I feel it is necessary to reply to you.

    SHAME ON YOU! Judge Tan has been a good and fair judge. For you to throw out these accusations days before the election without the Judge being able to reply to it, are really low tactics. You must be desperate.

    Oh, and I voted already and I voted to retain Judge Tan. And for Obama/Biden.

    Most sincerely,”

  3. i’m afraid the target audience for this message doesn’t care about the facts. the Alaska Family Council know it’s far more important Their People vote as instructed than understand.

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