Things WC Doesn’t Blog About

Magpies Shagging Flies

Magpies Shagging Flies

WC’s astute readers have noted there are all kinds of things WC doesn’t blog about, and ask why. There are several reasons.

Partly, it’s WC’s magpie sensibility. A lot of subjects simply hold no interest for WC. Macrame may be fascinating, romance literature titillating and celebrity gossip enthralling, but not to WC.

Partly, it’s because any subject gets boring after a while. Some, sooner than others. Economics  and geology are both interesting, but if they were fascinating WC would have been an economist or geologist.

Partly, it is the simple limit of the amount of time it takes to put together a reasonably well-informed blog entry. If WC knows a bit about the subject, the learning curve is a bit shorter. Which means a little less time.

Partly, it’s that there are subjects that WC has officially deemed unworthy of his blog space. That might be because the subject is narcissistic, and lives for attention. Like The Quitter. The best way to deal with that kind of person is to simply ignore them.

WC is highly skeptical of what he sees as the misuse of social media to over-share personal matters. While WC tells personal tales from time to time, they are not, if you will, over-personal, by WC’s admittedly Boomer Generation social standards.

But mostly, WC is a lawyer. WC tries not to post on issues that impact his clients. It’s a no-win situation. And there’s always the risk of a claim that WC may have disclosed confidential information in a blog post. It limits the universe of subjects that WC can post about, but given the size of the range of topics otherwise available, the limits are not very severe.

Besides, if WC were to violate confidentiality, break the attorney-client privilege, they’d take away his lawyer license and he’d be forced to do something else for a living. The law is endlessly fascinating, even if WC can’t always tell you why.

So yes, there are doors that are closed, doors that WC chooses not to open and doors that are locked. All of which means there are things WC doesn’t blog about.