A Poem for Friday

WC will be away from the Intertubes intermittently for a few days. There are some scheduled posts, but there may be gaps. WC will leave you with this lovely, unpublished, untitled piece from Jane Yolen:

But craft does not forgive
the broken rim, the stuttered word,
the slipped knot of the weave.
Eye and ear and hand
are different listeners.
We grieve
over things, things are shadows on the grass
that we, mistaken,
call grass.
But the shadows pass.

– Jane Yolen, 1981

Enjoy your weekend. Keep warm.


3 thoughts on “A Poem for Friday

  1. Lovely indeed, WC.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    Jane Yolen has a shelf all to herself in my high-school library;
    so many wonderful and powerful stories.
    I highly recommend her to readers of all ages.


    • Thanks, TWC. Yolen is indeed a fine writer. WC stumbled across this unpublished poem in an odd way.

      WC is a big fan of Rosemary Kirstein. While reading her blog recently, WC learned she was on a retreat to try and get some writing done. (Kirstein’s Steerswoman series is seriously late in getting completed.) Anyway, Kirstein had posted photos from the Taos, NM lodge where she was staying. One of the photos was of a framed, hand-written copy of Yolen’s poem, signed by Yolen in 1981. Pretty cool.


  2. I love Jane Yolen. She is an amazing and prolific YA author. Years ago I actually had children perform
    a spoken word art piece with this poem.

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