WC’s Fourth Anniversary

According to the automated features of WordPress, this is the fourth anniversary of Wickersham’s Conscience blog. We’ll take a brief intermission to examine the statistics.

  • 1,338 Posts
  • 4,100 Comments approved
  • From 154 countries
  • Most popular blog post
  • Most popular search term
  • Most continuous days with at least one post: 322 (and counting)
  • First blog post

Certainly, there are mysteries here. What is it with trolls? Why is someone in Bangladesh reading this blog? Who is JellyAK and why has that person been emailing WC about gerbils for two years?

Thanks to each and every one of you who have spent your precious time reading Wickersham’s Conscience.

And we’ll now return to the regular maundering.


5 thoughts on “WC’s Fourth Anniversary

  1. So glad that WC and his blog is around. I look forward to reading it with a cup of coffee in the mornings.

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