The Reason WC is Grumpy

Yes, it’s been very cold for longer than really bears thinking about. It’s -35 F as WC writes this blog post, in fact. It’s so cold that the ice is shattering when the sculptors try to carve it in North Pole Winter Carnival. But that’s simply inconvenient. WC can always put on more clothes.

The real reason WC is cranky is that he is a nature photographer. Which takes light. And here are the cold, dark facts:

LunaSolCal for Fairbanks, 5 Dec 2012

LunaSolCal for Fairbanks, 5 Dec 2012

This spiffy image is courtesy of the iPhone app LunaSolCal. If you look closely, you can see that today the sun climbed in a tiny little arc a whole 2.4° degrees above the horizon. Barely clearing the crests of the Alaska Range, 65 miles to the south. In theory, it was above the horizon all of 4 hours and nine minutes, but at no point was the light bright enough through the haze and ice fog to make you squint. Nor does it have a trace of warmth.

And we still have 18 days of decreasing daylight before we reach the cold, dark bottom that is winter solstice in Fairbanks.

Sure, it happens every year. Yes, it’s karma payback for the gloriously long days of subarctic summers. But it’s still very cold. And very dark.


One thought on “The Reason WC is Grumpy

  1. Bleeecccch. And if we’re a smidgen further south than you, with a few arc-nanoseconds more sunlight, it’s still colder here. But that’s a neat app, and if I can find a few more chairs to throw into our faltering woodstove, I might try to type that app into my iPhone. SO – a welcome post of yours, WC.

    AND!!!!! – What’s a blessing is that in NINETEEN days….they start getting longer. Yippee.

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