No, the Eagle Didn’t Steal the Baby

XKCD - "Duty Calls"

XKCD – “Duty Calls”

WC doesn’t want to shock anyone, but sometimes you really shouldn’t believe things you see on the Intertubes. Seriously, just because it’s on the ‘Net doesn’t mean it’s true. A grain of salt, please. Occam’s Razor, thoroughly applied. A skeptical eye. Critical judgment. Sheesh.

The following video is not true. It was a class project to create a fake video.


Again, this is a fake. It was created as a class project by Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin, students at Centre NAD, in the production simulation workshop class as a part of the Bachelors degree curriculum in 3D Animation and Digital Design. If YouTube’s counter is to be believed, it has been viewed more than 39 million times. Cobequid Wildlife Rehab Center in Montreal had to post an explanation that eagles do not carry off small children.

WC assumes that Mssrs. Archambault et al. got an “A” for their work.


4 thoughts on “No, the Eagle Didn’t Steal the Baby

  1. Thanks, WC. My son, a programmer who knew this was faked and should know better than to fool his mother, sent this to me and I was concerned at first. I stopped just short of filing a petition on the White House Petition site to ban all animal hats, including imaginary Japanese critters with eyes (Totoro, that eagle might even get you off the ground a few mm). It’s still a good idea. Maybe just for children. No more hats that look like a predators fantasy dinner all washed and plumped with extra yummy big eyeballs.

    I think the creators should get an A+ for the number of views this garnered and for so easily inflating the number of people who think an eagle can pick up anything it darn well decides to. It may not get that turkey out of your backyard fryer and back to the nest, but I think some have tried. Or did I see that on the internets? You just have to use our already embedded fears…and concerns (for babies in the first, then the perp from the first/eagles in the other to hook us. My grandsons think Mythbusters should check this out just to be sure it couldn’t happen. They’ve already decided that their tiny new twin brother and sister can’t wear animal hats until this is resolved. As far as I can remember, this is the first Mythbuster subject they have suggested that hasn’t involved blowing things up.

  2. The two little guys who know every MB episode by heart weren’t allowed to see Hobbit yet. Evidently
    their mother thinks it is too frightening–compared to obliterating that danged pig every other episode of MB. I think the vulnerability–not to mention awesomeness and cuteness/their words–of two new 6 lb human beings in the household makes them very protective. Not a bad trait to have in little/big brothers. Pity the fool…eagle that tries to mess with Kate and Jack. And somebody please accidentally stomp on that Mr. T talking keychain. What happened in the 80’s should stay in the 80’s.

  3. I called this fake – but a darned good one! – when it made the rounds some while back on a forum I frequent.
    The reason? Its creators fell into that same darned hole I’ve seen in a zillion – okay, perhaps a round two dozen – Hollywood films. They dubbed a red-tailed hawk’s cry – oooooooo, scary! – into that supposed golden eagle. I figured as that was phony, so was the whole cloth.

    I’d like to give them extra credit, however, for the shots where the camera operator runs forward with the camera showing nothing but bouncing grass. Lots of verisimilitude there – the operator acts just as though a true innocent bystander might have acted.

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