The Schaeffer Cox Conundrum

Schaeffer Cox faces sentencing tomorrow. The federal prosecutors are asking for 35 years; Cox’s new defense attorney – he fired Nelson Traverso – is arguing for 10 years.

It’s nonsense to say all Cox did was bluster. He had the weapons. He tracked his intended victims. The chilling secret recordings by the two snitches in Cox’s Alaska Peacemaker Militia document far more than mere bluster. And saying that he didn’t actually harm anyone is more praise of law enforcement than mitigation of Cox’s crimes.

Yes, he’s a blowhard but blowhards with enough weaponry for a small army are dangerous. And threatening a judge with death hits just a little too close to home for WC. It seems likely U.S. District Judge Robert Bryan will feel the same way.

For those who think this is Big Brother government overreaching, WC suggests this thought experiment: give Cox and arabic name, and see if you still feel the same.

WC predictsCox won’t be smirking at sentenceing. And WC predicts Cox gets 25 years. But if you feel that is too long or too short, WC invites your comments.


3 thoughts on “The Schaeffer Cox Conundrum

  1. I was the jury foreman for the trial of a group of ‘freemen’ crackpots in Missouri who put a lien against a judge’s property and generally harrassed him because he wouldn’t drop a drunk driving ticket for the daughter of one of the members. They didn’t threaten his life or his family, but they threatened the justice system for everyone in my county. One of the men was in his 80s or 90s, but we sent him to prison with the rest of them. I don’t care what you think your rights are, or how you interpret the constitution, anyone who thinks they’re above the law needs to learn that they aren’t.

  2. Lonnie Vernon just got 25 years 8 months today for conspiracy to commit murder. And all the weapons charges were dropped. I don’t think Cox will get less. I will be there, though. It will be interesting to say the least.

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