Schaeffer Cox: The Denouement

So, in the end, Cox apologized. The Associated Press reports he “fought back tears.” His psychologist diagnosed several paranoid disorders. The sentencing judge was not impressed. 26 years.

WC got some appalling email in response to his earlier post on Cox. Some of the writers, in addition to functional illiteracy, may have the kind of paranoid disorders Cox’s shrink diagnosed. It’s difficult to invoke empathy in those personality types. But WC , for those email correspondents: will try.

One of the targets of Cox’s planned homicidal spree was U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline. WC has known Ralph since grade school. Ralph’s spouse, Peggy Ann, is even an old flame of WC’s. Put yourself, if you can, in Peggy Ann’s position: a conspiracy, heavily armed, plans to murder your husband for doing his job as best he can. And if you and your kids get killed in the process, well, according to Cox, it’s just something that happens. Can you, just for a moment, put yourself in her place? Can you, just for an instant, imagine how she must feel?

One of WC’s loutish correspondents demanded WC consider what will happen to Cox’s wife and children. But Cox made a choice. He elected to take actions he now admits were stupid. Peggy Ann didn’t get to make a choice. Cox elected to threaten her and her family.

Spare me the tired references to Ruby Ridge and Waco. The government didn’t overstep here. The FBI did its job. Cox publicly boasted of his 3,500 man militia. The FBI did what it was supposed to do and infiltrated it. It was more than lawful speech. They gave Cox rope and, sure enough, he hung himself.

[A private note to email correspondent Colt45inAK: Did you know that the long header for email messages embeds the IP address of the sender? WC knows where you live. And who you are. Send WC another message like the last one and it gets forwarded to the police. But WC digresses.]

All of this will cost Cox about 18 years. He will never lawfully touch a firearm again. He will be damned near unemployable when he gets out; stale skills, a felony rap and a a bad reputation. Would you hire a guy who planned to kill anyone he didn’t like?

Imperfect justice? Certainly. But we only strive for perfection. Better justice than Cox was willing to give to those he disliked.

Move along, move along. Nothing to see here.

Postscript. Be sure to read AKM’s excellent report on the sentencing over at the Mudflats.

6 thoughts on “Schaeffer Cox: The Denouement

  1. With someone like Cox, and with others such as the shooters at Aurora, Columbine, Sandy Hook, VA Tech, one can only hope that entities like the NRA will get serious about improved mental health resources and mental health care and join in advocating and pushing hard to make a difference. I am not optimistic that the NRA will do so, however, despite its recent declaration. Idolizing guns is too important, and whatever else it communicates is solely for the purpose of its idolatry. These are all instances of young men who destroyed lives and wasted their own. We need to do so much better than this.
    Paul Eaglin


  2. I am so sorry you were threatened. For having an opinion.
    If the thugs are entitled to theirs, are not we entitled to ours?


  3. OMG—Seems like when one of these lunatics goes down ten more rise to take his place, here is the latest from James Yeager a CEO of “Tactical Response”, a Tennessee company that trains people in weapon and tactical behavior:

    “If [more gun control] happens it’s gonna spark a civil war, and I’ll be glad to fire the first shot…I’m not letting anybody take my guns. If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people.”


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