Two Weeks of News in 250 Words

WC paid no attention to the news while birding in Costa Rica the last two weeks. So he’s had some catching up to do. Here’s a snarky report to show WC’s nearly up to date:

State Representative Lindsey Holmes (D R, Anchorage) changed her spots and her parties, giving a whole new definition to the term “integrity” that was such a prominent part of her platform. WC sure hopes she doesn’t spend all 30 pieces of silver in one place.

And speaking of traitorous idiots, there’s House Speaker Mike Chenault (R, Back Side of the Moon) (who needs to stop putting off the adenoid surgery). He has introduced HB 69, purporting to make it a crime for federal agents to enforce federal firearms laws in Alaska. The lessons of history are lost on this buffoon. So is his oath of office. He swore to uphold the Constitution. He lives in a republic. It is painful and embarrassing to see an Alaskan acting like Lester Maddox, pulling out the same old tired states’ rights arguments that were rejected the U.S. Supreme Court decades ago.

The Shell drill rig Kulluk remains taxably floating in Kiliuk Bay, three weeks after near-disaster off Kodiak Island. If, as reported, the Kulluk was moved from Dutch Harbor to evade state property taxes, the decision will go down in the Annals of Really Stupid Ideas. Is there anyone not on Shell’s payroll who still thinks this outfit can be trusted with parking meter change, let alone the safety of the Arctic marine environment?

There. See? Just 250 words. Okay, a little over the top. But then, so’s the news.

6 thoughts on “Two Weeks of News in 250 Words

  1. But wait! That’s not all! How about the bills introduced by the Governor that is essentially a give away (when are his bills not?) to the cruise ship industry gutting what was left of the 2006 citizens initiative. Then there’s the bills introduced to deal with “voter fraud” – by mandating i.d. checks at the voting booth.

    Been having to consciously stop myself of grinding my teeth – the dentist disapproves of such behaviors.


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