Working with Color Palettes

Photographing birds is hard enough. After all, the little buggers don’t hold still. When you add the concept of color palettes to bird photography – selecting a set of colors that are related or complementary – WC’s head starts to spin. But WC did get lucky this once, with a Black-faced Grosbeak feeding on similarly-colored…

Not an Alaska Bird VI

Two Central American species in today’s post. The first is the aptly named Firey-billed Aricari, a cousin to the more famous Toucans. The Spanish name to this species is Cosinga; there’s an even more spectacular species called a Turquoise Cotinga. There was a lot of excitement before that got straightened out. And, lurking under a…

Not an Alaska Bird V

One of the true joys of birding are hummingbirds, Darwin’s “Flying Jewels.” This Green Violetear posed prettily in a giant bromeliad. The internet bandwidth at WC’s present location is pretty limited. Longer posts may happen later. For now, it’s tough to get a photo or two up.

Not an Alaska Bird IV

Pura Vida! This is a Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher. This handsome devil is a Black-billed Nightingale-Thrush, a cousin to the American Robin, and  fun bird under any circumstances. And the astute reader is correct to surmise WC is not in the U.S. right now.

Not an Alaska Bird III

The Great Egret is not your typical Sonoran Desert bird. But there is a decent-sized rookery of Great Egrets (as well as Snowy Egrets) at the Gilbert Water Ranch. The species has made a remarkable comeback from near destruction in the plume trade at the turn of the last century. Some bird photographers mock photos…