Hard to Imagine

The News-Miner reports that Guy Christopher Mannino, who allegedly caused the explosion of 300 pounds of explosive in a residential neighborhood, has had the charges against him dismissed. “The grand jury, after careful deliberation, decided that Mr. Mannino’s conduct was not criminal in nature,” Fairbanks District attorney Michael Gray told the reporter by e-mail.

WC has two questions:

  1. How incompetent does a District Attorney have to be to be unable to get an indictment when someone damages surrounding property, shatters windows and endangers civilians setting off 300 pounds of explosives in a residential neighborhood?
  2. How can the conduct not be criminal?

Grand jury proceedings are secret; it’s unlikely we’ll ever have answers. But a criminal justice system that can’t protect citizens against this kind of conduct is badly broken.


5 thoughts on “Hard to Imagine

  1. Oh, for Pete’s sake! This is insane. Who do we complain to? Is it possible to still press charges after a grand jury declines to do the right thing?

  2. Any chance there could be federal charges arising from this incident? It’s frightening to think that this kind of reckless disregard for others’ lives and property could carry no consequences whatsoever!

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