Has WC Got a Deal for You: Pratchett Reading Guide

WC’s email, whenever WV mentions Sir Terry Pratchett, includes requests for a suggested reading order. After all, say WC’s correspondents, there are some 40 Pratchett books? Where to start?

There have been serious quarrels among Pratchett fans over the proper reading order, and precious little agreement. However, Pratchett’s Discworld books to break into groups based upon the cast of characters appearing in them. Here’s one of the better done groupings, originally developed by Keitzman.

An Unofficial DiscWorld Reading Guide, © 2013 Evgenny Pliss

An Unofficial DiscWorld Reading Guide, © 2013 Evgenny Pliss

If you find the small print to hard to read, here’s a link to a larger version.

WC suggests that a new reader start with either Going Postal or The Wee Free Men, both of which start a new series and both of which feature Pratchett writing at the height of his powers. Going Postal  is officially an “adult” story; Wee Free Men is officially a “young adult” story. Either can be read by kids or grownups with pleasure and delight.