He’s Baaaack…

The thing that most characterizes Joe Miller is his execrable, terrible, wretched, appalling and very bad judgment. And bad judgment isn’t what WC is looking for in a politician, let alone a U.S. Senator. There’s enough politicians with bad judgment already.

Miller’s bad judgment isn’t exactly news; his decision to “explore” running against Begich is just the latest evidence. And confirmation that his pre-existing bad judgment issue isn’t improved.

You don’t have to look much further than his website to see what WC is talking about. He buffs his resume by calling himself a “judge;” he was never a judge. He was a magistrate, an appointed position. The closest a magistrate gets to being  judge is small claims court. But to support WC’s claim that Miller has terrible judgment, let’s revisit one of WC’s favorite posts.


On the 493rd anniversary of Martin Luther‘s posting his 95 Theses on the door of Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany, WC offerred his own 95 Theses, 95 reasons not to vote for Joe Miller. Trust WC, readers; it was difficult to narrow the field to just 95 reasons.

Have you taken your anti-nausea medicine? Rubber gloves and boots on? Good, let’s get started.

  1. He engaged in unprincipled, unscrupulous behavior in an attempt to defeat a fellow Republican, Randy Ruedrich.
  2. He lied to his employer about whether he had misused his Borough computer.
  3. He lied to his employer about whether he had misused his colleagues’ computers.
  4. He tried to stuff an electronic ballot box.
  5. He tried to cover his crimes by deleting the cache files on his colleagues’ computers.
  6. He blamed the victims for his crimes, the conduct of a scoundrel.
  7. He appears to have committed a Class C Felony, Criminal Use of a Computer, AS 11.46.740.
  8. He has attempted to minimize his criminal activities by claiming he performed the crime on his lunch hour.
  9. He deliberately and falsely claimed he could not disclose his Borough personnel file because of the attorney-client privilege.
  10. He quit the Borough in an unprofessional way that injured his client, the Borough.
  11. He deleted his emails when he quit, injuring his client.
  12. He allowed Randy Ruedrich and Ralph Seekins, among others, to claim he had done nothing wrong, when he knew he had.
  13. He misled the voters about the seriousness of his misconduct at the Borough.
  14. He allowed Randy Ruedrich and others to defame Jim Whitaker, when he knew Whitaker had spoken nothing but the truth.
  15. He attempted to intimidate Jim Whitaker by filing a meritless lawsuit against him.
  16. He attempted to conceal his misconduct at the Borough from the voters.
  17. He attempted to stonewall the voters as to his conduct at the Borough, rather than coming forward with the truth.
  18. He complains incessantly about invasions of his privacy while hiding critical information from the voters.
  19. He has denied and continues to deny voters access to critical information about his past.
  20. He was arrogant enough to believe he could get away with hiding his misconduct.
  21. He was arrogant enough to say, or permit an undisclosed staffer to say, he was measuring the drapes for his Senate office.
  22. He is arrogant enough to really believe he has “Mastered the law,” and posted the statement on his website.
  23. He describes his career at the Borough, where he was disciplined for very serious misconduct, as “second to none.”
  24. He believes himself to be smarter than Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot.
  25. He is so arrogant he thinks the beard is attractive.
  26. He has failed to timely file reports with election officials.
  27. He has filed incomplete reports with election officials.
  28. He believes a Constitution written in 1789 can be applied, unchanged, in 2010.
  29. He believes social security is unconstitutional
  30. He falsely claims that the social security system is bankrupt.
  31. He falsely implies that privatization is the only solution to the funding challenges facing social security.
  32. He falsely claims that Congress has “raided” the social security trust fund.
  33. He believes medicaid is unconstitutional.
  34. He has accepted the very Medicaid he claims is unconstitutional.
  35. He believes farm subsidies are unconstitutional.
  36. He has accepted the very farm subsidies he claims are unconstitutional.
  37. He believes unemployment insurance is unconstitutional.
  38. He falsely claimed that unemployment insurance is an entitlement program.
  39. His spouse has claimed the very unemployment insurance he claims are unconstitutional.
  40. He accepted a free undergraduate education from the U.S. Army, but quit the Army at the very earliest opportunity.
  41. He called, or permitted an undisclosed staffer, to call his opponent a prostitute.
  42. He permitted his security goons to assault and handcuff a newspaper editor who was asking him hard questions.
  43. He has apparently committed or assisted others in committing the crime of Interference With Constitutional Rights, AS 11.76.110, a Class A misdemeanor.
  44. He forced or permitted an undisclosed staffer to force Anchorage Daily News reporter Julia O’Malley to leave a meeting advertised as open to the public.
  45. He has a demonstrated record of profound disregard for the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
  46. He accepts the support of Sarah Palin.
  47. He accepted money from a PAC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, monies that are tainted by contributions from foreign corporations.
  48. He has hypocritically complained that one of his opponents accepted money from a PAC.
  49. He has suggested a Berlin Wall on the U.S.-Mexico border as a solution to illegal immigration.
  50. He thinks the Federal minimum wage is unconstitutional.
  51. He claims federal farm subsidies are unconstitutional, yet has personally accepted federal farm subsidies.
  52. He has claimed he was a judge, when he was never more than a magistrate.
  53. He is a global warming denier.
  54. He has lied about the evidence for anthropogenic global warming.
  55. He has ignored incontrovertible evidence in his claimed home state of Alaska that there is global warming.
  56. He falsely claims two-third of Alaska is owned by the Federal government.
  57. He falsely claims that Federal government has broken promises to Alaska.
  58. He has intentionally disregarded the Republican Party’s Statement of Principles by refusing to disclose important information.
  59. He has been called out for his conduct by moderate Republicans in an open letter dated October 20, 2010.
  60. He has engaged in unseemly, inappropriate boasting about his military honors.
  61. He has engaged in unethical behavior in violation of the Alaska Bar Association’s Code of Professional Responsibility (“the CPR”) by lying about his activities to a client.
  62. He has violated the CPR by using computers in violation of the law.
  63. He has violated the CPR by withdrawing as counsel without taking adequate steps to protect his client.
  64. He has published campaign advertising that deliberately and materially misstates his opponents’ positions.
  65. He has permitted others to publish campaign advertising that deliberately and materially misstates his opponents’ positions.
  66. In his 2004 campaign against David Guttenberg, he supported government spending for education; now he opposes it.
  67. In his 2004 campaign, he supported government health care; now he opposes it.
  68. In his 2004 campaign, he was in favor of government spending; now he opposes it.
  69. He has called for an end to federal spending in Alaska, even though it constitutes 40% of the Fairbanks economy.
  70. He doesn’t even pay his Borough property taxes on time.
  71. He cannot responsibly manage his own financial affairs; he has more than $100,000 in credit card debt.Nearly done. WC recommends aspirin and a cold compress for the headache.
  72. He is knowingly helping “camouflage a billionaires’ coup as a populist surge.”
  73. He is a Tenth Amendment absolutist, but only so long as it serves his interests.
  74. He has demanded national treasures like Denali National Park be surrendered to the State of Alaska, in violation of the Alaska Constitution.
  75. He accepts, without criticism or apology, the parade of weapons-brandishing beer-bellies carrying his signs in a children’s parade.
  76. While he waxes hysterical about the federal deficit, he hasn’t offered one specific proposal to substantively reduce it.
  77. He has lied about the causes of the federal deficit.
  78. By acting as a stooge for the Koch brothers, biggest supporters of the Tea Party, he is once against betraying Alaska to billionaires.
  79. He rails against government spending, yet almost all of his life he has worked for and accepted government paychecks.
  80. He opposes a woman’s right to choose.
  81. He opposes abortion in the case of rape or incest.
  82. He has single-handedly contributed to the overpopulation of the planet, when over-population is one of the great crises of our time.
  83. He is, in the words of Paul Krugman, “the epitome of short-term, narrow-minded selfishness.”
  84. He opposes meaningful health care reform.
  85. He has ignored the fundamental economics of recessions, and risks prolonging and worsening the economic downturn.
  86. Despite the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, he opposes a moratorium on off-shore drilling.
  87. He has grossly exaggerated his legal experience.
  88. He believes creationism should be taught in schools.
  89. He has held at least six different jobs in 15 years, raising serious questions about his commitment.
  90. His claimed beliefs and principles are belied by his actual conduct.
  91. He is an unscrupulous opportunist.
  92. He is too ignorant of Alaska’s economics and history to be a U.S. Senator.
  93. He is too arrogant to be a U.S. Senator.
  94. He is too dishonest to be a U.S. Senator.
  95. He is utterly unworthy of your vote.


But wait! There’s more! Those 95 Theses were only current as of October 30, 2010. Since then, Miller has continued to display the same kind of bad judgment that should disqualify him from any job where common sense, good judgment and logical thinking are required. Among the post-election instances of terrible judgment:

  1. He lost his fight to keep secret his felonious conduct at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Department of Law.
  2. He lost the general election by 12,000 votes to a write-in candidate.
  3. He lost his attempt to defeat the will of the voters in Alaska Superior Court.
  4. He lost his second attempt to defeat the will of Alaska voters in the Alaska Supreme Court.
  5. He lost his attempt to overturn the election in U.S. District Court.
  6. He has lost his complaint to the Federal Election Commission.
  7. He  dismissed his lame lawsuit against the Fairbanks North Star Borough, taking just $5,000 of the Borough’s money – a pittance by any measure – to avoid being forced to disclose who was paying his attorneys’ fees for all of these silly lawsuits.

But Miller thinks he should be a U.S. Senator. There’s a reason he’s never won elective office. All but the dimmest voter has looked at this record and studiously voted for someone else. His decision to run again, while perfectly foreseeable, is only the latest example of the kind of bad judgment that characterizes the man.

Joe Miller. Just say no.

The opinions in this post are solely those of WC. This post has not been approved by any candidate. No expenses were incurred in creating this post. No electrons were harmed in creating this post.


7 thoughts on “He’s Baaaack…

  1. Well, there’s one thing wrong on your list. #24 “He believes himself smarter than Bill Clinton, Bush Jr, an Ross Perot.” Well, he is smarter than Bush, but just barely!!

  2. I just wonder why a family that received AT LEAST $30,000 in 2008 (PFD and Sarah $$$) still qualified for DenaliCare? Miller and his wife are beyond typical self-entitled shit bags — they are the very definition of oozing slime. (Apologies to slime, some of which is quite fascinating!) Miller’s behavior was reprehensible during the senate race. (Don’t forget the texting while driving and lying about it after he ran into the car in front of him. He displays a very juvenile impulsive behavior disorder, or a desperate individual.) His over the top valuation of his Delta property makes me sick. He has absolutely no self awareness or an honest bone in his body. And, if I had more than $100,000 in credit card debt I wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning. But, I think his Koch bros contacts probably took care of that with the use of the PAC.

  3. Not to mention his indolence: Joe Miller will do anything to avoid getting a job. Other peoples’ money feeds his children.

  4. Who has the courage to disbar this idiot? Obviously, not Alaska. Please WC look into this! It makes me sick to think my child may one day take the Alaska Bar and practice law in the company of such an unethical man.

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