Tales from Wasilla: Hunting for an Honest Guide

Richard A. Kinmon Sr., of Wasilla, Alaska, was busted last week on 30 misdemeanor counts of violating Alaska’s hunting laws.

Richard Kinmon, Sr. Flogging Dietary Supplements

Richard Kinmon, Sr. Flogging Dietary Supplements

Now Mr. Kinmon is what you might call a Man with a Past. He pled guilty to a guiding misedemeanor in 2009. He pled guilty to a guiding misdemeanor in 2010. He has six charges pending in a 2013 case.

And now there are some thirty more charges. If proven, they establish a hunting guide with utter, complete disregard for the law. Between 2009 and 2011 Kinmon allegedly:

• Sold big game tags to four clients in hunting camps after they’d shot their animals.

• Guided a caribou hunt in Game Management Unit 20A — an area near Delta Junction — despite not being licensed to guide caribou hunts in that particular area

• Baited a brown bear with a moose carcass he moved from the site it was killed with an all-terrain vehicle.

• Allowed Ass’t guide Colin Marquiss to harvest a moose while guiding clients.

• Helped take a sub-legal moose.

• Falsified public records.

(Presumably Mr. Kinmon isn’t dressed like that when he is guiding, but who knows?)

WC has worked as a hearing officer for the Guide Board in the distant past. The Guide Board is now, ahem, the Big Game Commercial Services Board, but it is still tasked with regulating guides. When WC was a hearing officer, Mr. Kinmon would have been a former guide long before this latest set of charges.

Perhaps Mr. Kinmon is protected by the sheer volume of discipline matters coming before the Big Game Commercial Services Board. At its most recent meeting in July 2013, the Board handled about a dozen complaints against guides. And adopted something called a Discipline Matrix, which doesn’t appear in the Board’s on-line records.

Mr. Kinmon is represented by Wayne Anthony “Bleed ‘Em and Plead ‘Em” Ross. You know, WAR, the Quitter’s failed candidate for state Attorney General. So the defense, up to the customary plea agreement, will be unnecessarily noisy.

And speaking of noisy, Mr. Kinmon offered the following statement to the Associated Press: “The only comment I can say, it’s frivolous, fraudulent, unethical and unconstitutional. It’s not valid, and it will come out in court.”

WC hopes Mr. Kinmon has a better defensive strategy than that. But he doubts it.


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  1. Time again to heed the words of our late governor, Jay Hammond.

    “By 1958, I was beginning to lose my stomach for guiding, finding that the hunted were often more noble than the hunter.”

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