Carpetbagger Dan Lying Again

U.S. Senator Wannabe Dan Sullivan has been caught lying again. WC knows, he’s a lawyer and his lips were moving. But old lawyer jokes aside, Mr. Sullivan, in his zeal to be Every Candidate, is playing fast and loose with the truth. He’s even come to the notice of Politifact. Let’s examine some of his claims.

As Alaska’s attorney general, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan successfully fought to protect our Second Amendment rights and passed “stand your ground.”

WC wonders if this is really something to brag about. Then-Attorney General Sullivan’s own employees in the Department of Law took time off from work to testify before the Alaska Legislature about what a really bad idea this was. And then there’s the problem that AG Sullivan and later DNR Commissioner Sullivan, the last time WC checked, didn’t “pass” legislation. It was those folks over the the Legislative, not the Executive branch. In fact, there’s not a shred of evidence that Mr. Sullivan ever supported the “stand your ground” laws in their iterations between 2010 and 2013. Maybe Mr. Sullivan means he intended to, with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight? Is that what we are looking for in a U.S. Senator, one who takes credit for things he didn’t accomplish? Wait, isn’t that what Mr. Sullivan is accusing Senator Begich of doing? Wouldn’t that make the behavior bad?

Mark Begich “has taken campaign cash from the Kochs” while Dan Sullivan hasn’t. points out that although Mr. Sullivan hasn’t accepted money directly from the Koch brothers or their affiliates, the Koch-backed Americans For Prosperity has spent nearly $1 million on Begich attack ads. Sullivan isn’t receiving those funds, but he does benefit from an attack on his opponent that can’t be legally coordinated directly between the candidate and the group. It’s a lawyerly distinction, don’t you think? Mr. Sullivan benefits from a near-$1 million campaign supporting his primary election effort, but can claim with a nearly straight face that he hasn’t accepted a dime. Sweet.

As for Begich, found that KochPAC, a Koch Industries group, gave $5,000 to Begich’s Great Land PAC back in 2010. Begich’s PAC primarily gives money to candidates, as well as state and federal Democratic parties. So $5,000 to Begich’s PAC is bad, and $1 million to a PAC that supports Mr. Sullivan is okay.

WC takes it back. The argument fails the red face test.

Exactly where again is Dan Sullivan’s residence?

Sullivan is a relative newcomer to the state and its politics. His wife is an Alaska Native – Dr. Hugh Fate’s daughter – but he first moved to the state in 1997. His family designated its Maryland home at 6212 Maiden Lane in Bethesda, Maryland as its principal residence while Mr. Sullivan worked for the Bush Administration. Sullivan says he listed a home in Maryland as his principal residence while working on the East Coast, and his campaign has said that was for tax purposes. And that makes it all right?

According to the Alaska Division of Elections, Sullivan has been registered to vote in the state of Alaska since March 4, 1998. He is a registered Republican and listed his address as 12970 Mountain Place, Anchorage, AK. Since registering to vote, Mr. Sullivan has only troubled to actually vote about half the time.

Then there’s his Alaska fishing license records. In 2009, Mr. Sullivan applied for an Alaska fishing license as a non-resident.  In 2010, he applied as a one-year resident of Alaska.  Then in 2013, the year he announced he was running for Senate, he applied for his fishing license as a ten-year resident of Alaska.

So the election records show Mr. Sullivan has been a resident for sixteen years (when he has bothered to vote), Maryland records show he was a resident there as recently as 2008, and fishing records show he has been a resident of Alaska for four and ten years.

Of course, Mr. Sullivan points to his wife, an Alaska Native, as proof of his residency. WC is married to Mrs. WC, an Idaho native, but WC has never been confused about being an Idaho resident. There’s no magic ju-ju that rubs off your spouse and changes the length of your residency. The fact is former Attorney General Sullivan – the guy in charge of enforcing all state laws – has lied about his residency. Several times.

Sullivan claims Alaska Sen. Mark Begich supported President Barack Obama’s economic policies “97 percent of the time.”

You have to really jigger the numbers to tell this lie. OpenCongress ranked Begich at 45th for 2013 when it comes to voting with his party. That shows that Begich is among the most independent senators currently serving. To get to 97%, you have look at all issues, not just economic policies, and back to 2009, not just 2013. And you have to include issues where the President didn’t have a position on the issue. Basically, Mr. Sullivan is accusing Senator Begich of being a Democrat.

WC has the lowest imaginable expectations of Republican political candidates. But Mr. Sullivan’s inability to talk about even the most mundane Alaska issues without lying sinks still lower. Is this really the best candidate the Koch brothers can buy?


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  1. My son works at a well known Anchorage restaurant that’s been around forever. Sullivan was in there shmoozing a few nights ago. He told my son how as a “long time Alaskan”, he loved coming to eat at this restaurant, and then stuck out his hand and asked for his vote. My son said, “Well, I won’t be voting because I’m not 18, and you’re also not a long time Alaskan.” No comment from Suliivan.

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