May You Koch on It, Dan (Updated)

Julie Fate Sullivan and Dan Sullivan - AP Photo

Julie Fate Sullivan and Dan Sullivan – AP Photo

The Koch Brothers have closed the Flint Hills refinery, eliminating some 80 Alaska jobs. The closure will raise property taxes on Interior Alaskans. And the Koch Brothers are in court, trying to dodge their obligation to clean up the serious environmental damage they caused in North Pole. No sensible Alaskan, no one who cares about Alaska and Alaskan issues, would want anything to do with the two billionaires.

Which takes us to U.S. Senate wannabe Dan “Carpetbagger” Sullivan’s Koch problem.

The Koch Brothers have invested about $4 million in campaign contributions in the Carpetbagger, mostly through their misleadingly named “Americans for Prosperity.” The ads are mostly false, but what else would you expect from the Koch Brothers? They even attack Senator Begich’s voting attendance, which is the best of the Alaska delegation.

Now if the Carpetbagger had any principles – other than getting himself elected – he might have disavowed the Koch Brothers’ support. He might have said, publicly, “The Koch Brothers have injured Alaska. I don’t want or need their support. I’m asking them now to take their checkbook and go home.” That would be the honorable thing to do. Some political contributions are too dirty to accept.

But the Carpetbagger hasn’t and won’t. He has already accepted Koch Brothers’ money, and continues to accept it. He allows their propaganda to be aired under their “Americans for Prosperity” SuperPAC. He has sucked the sugar tit and now he can’t stop.

WC hopes the Carpetbagger chokes on it.

WC hopes that Alaska voters can recognize another John Lindauer when they see and hear one. WC hopes that Alaska voters recognize that someone who kicks Alaska in the economic groin can’t be trusted to tell us how to cast our votes. And that someone who consorts with the Koch Brothers shouldn’t be trusted with your vote.

UPDATE Convicted felon and disgraced Alaska lawmaker Vic Kohring, the Alaska Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senator, has withdrawn from the U.S. Senate race. He endorsed Carpetbagger Dan. That’s got to sting. The poster child for legislative corruption, the guy videotaped by the FBI taking a bribe, gives you a big old smooch, right there in public. Ouch.

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  1. I saw that “Begich doesn’t go to work” ad last night – how in the world can these people look at themselves in the mirror? Hello, Don Young???!!! The sad thing is, so many will see these ads and believe them.

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