Carpetbagger Dan and the Pisa Effect

WC called it.

Back in early July, WC proposed a new metaphor for his Republican friends, to be known as the Pisa Effect. A candidate leans far, far to the right to attract the tin foil hat, gun nut, conspiracy theorists and other right wing nuts in the primary. And, if they get the nomination, they then bend back to the left to try and attract folks who are capable of critical, rational thinking. Because the core Republicans are a minority, even in Alaska.

A New Metaphor for the Republican Party

A New Metaphor for the Republican Party

It’s the Pisa Effect. Because of a shabby foundation, your political structure leans far too the right. Part way up, you realize you’ve got a problem and try to correct. Just like the engineers building the Tower of Pisa, when they built subsequent floors unevenly to try and level their leaning tower.

When Carpetbagger Dan Sullivan was a primary candidate, he was opposed to an increase in the minimum wage. Now, his polling data show him that a majority of folks likely to vote support a living wage, so he’s flip-flopped, altering his political posture to try and get a majority of the voters. It’s further evidence that Carpetbagger Dan doesn’t have any principles, except getting himself elected. It really does all start with the foundation. If you screw that up, if you don’t have one – other than getting elected – then you get the kind of problems the Pisan engineers had.

This won’t be Carpetbagger Dan’s last flip flop. Running against Joe Miller made him lean too far to the right. Sucking up to the Koch Brothers pulled him too far to the Rad-Republican side. He’ll find other issues where he will “read more about it” and shift left.

But the foundation will still be bad. That’s the essence of the Pisa Effect.

3 thoughts on “Carpetbagger Dan and the Pisa Effect

  1. So when he was against it he literally didn’t know what he was talking about. Alaskans prefer their politicians corrupt, not stupid.

  2. Score for WC.
    C-bagger Dan was not well received by the proletariat during a recent restaurant stop in Nome. “Hello I’m Dan Sullivan. I’m a Christian. And I’m a capitalist… And I’m running for Senate–We gotta do whatever it takes to beat Begich” he barreled out as he interrupted a table of actual Alaskans and a few Outside understudy counterparts having a meal fit for moving boulders. The absence of polite inquiry before talking of oneself elicited a swift and lethal schooling from an English bred sourdough who, armed with encyclopedic knowledge and bleeding more passion for everything Americana proceeded to illustrate for C-bagger Dan his social blunder with a stinging lesson in history via the etymology of ‘capitalist’. This caused C-bagger Dan to release some additional rhetorical farts before retiring to a table in the back which had been seeded with heaps of hands-on man food. Despite this lure of abundance, my English source counted all of nine ‘flies’, more obligatory than curious, who randomly worked their way back to make contact in the name of food.

    Mining is hard work. Posers are like pyrite.

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