Sen. Roy Blunt Retires WC’s Hypocrisy Award

Senator Roy Blunt (R, Missouri), Serial Hypocrite – Photo via AP

Senator Roy Blunt (R, Missouri), Serial Hypocrite – Photo via AP

WC used to have a Hypocrite of the Month feature here at Wickersham’s Conscience. WC had to abandon the effort: there were too many candidates and trying to pick a winner was very bad for WC’s blood pressure. But if WC was still running the feature, Senator Roy Blunt (R, Missouri) would get a couple of months worth of awards.

See if you can follow Senator Blunt’s “logic” here:

In the middle of all the Ebola hysteria, it turns out the U.S. doesn’t have a Surgeon General. Oh, President Obama nominated Vivek Murthy almost a year ago. Dr. Murthy is a highly qualified; he was approved in a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee vote last month with the support of all Democrats and one Republican. And he has received the endorsements of several prominent groups and individuals in the health and wellness community.

But Dr. Murthy believes that firearms are a health issue. He thinks that firearm deaths – which will likely pass auto accidents as a cause of death in the United States this year – are a public health issue. So the fanatics at the NRA have announced they will “score” any senator voting in favor of Dr. Murthy’s nomination. “Scoring” as in a down check, as in jeopardizing your approval rating from the NRA. According to ThinkProgress,

Specifically, the gun lobby has taken offense to Murthy’s position that gun violence is a public health problem, that doctors should discuss proper gun safety measures with their patients — especially if they have young children — and his support for standard gun violence prevention legislation such as universal background checks. However, those positions are actually supported by every single major doctors’ organization — including the American Medical Association (AMA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the American College of Emergency Physicians — and Surgeons General who served under Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

My oh my, you should have seen the rats racing to get off that ship. Remember the U.S. Senate rules permit any senator to put a “hold” or “freeze” on a nomination. Dr. Murthy’s nomination turned into a snowman.

So far, it’s just the normal, spineless cowardice we’ve come to expect from the U.S. Senate. When the NRA says “Second Amendment” most U.S. Senators twitch like a dead frog’s leg under direct current.

But Senator Blunt wasn’t content to stop there. Missouri’s pride castigated President Obama for not having a surgeon general in the face of the ebola “crisis,” when Senator Blunt is one of the Republican loons who put the “hold” on Dr. Murthy’s nomination in the first place.

So Senator Blunt blocked the nomination and now complains that the position is vacant.

Senator Blunt appeared on Meet the Press last Sunday. Reporter Chuck Todd asked about the distinguished senator’s apparent . . . inconsistency. Blunt told Todd that he thinks we need a surgeon general. But asked if he would vote for Murthy’s confirmation, Blunt again refused to answer the question and blamed the administration.

No spine and a hypocrite besides. If it’s true that we get the politicians we deserve, the good people of Missouri must have been very, very bad.