Classless Koch Brothers Get Creepier

Koch Brothers Demonstrated Unmitigated Gall

Koch Brothers Demonstrated Unmitigated Gall

Like a lot of Alaskans, WC received his “Report Card” on his voting habits from the creeps at Americans for Prosperity, one of the Koch Brothers’ §501(c)(4) dark money buckets.1

It is outrageous, offensive, condescending and despicable. The Koch Brothers and their network of secret donors have the nerve to “grade” WC. Note, too, the nonprofit organization postage stemp: you and I, through our full-price use of the Postal Service, get to subsidize the Koch Brothers’ efforts to browbeat us. You can see the Koch Brothers are opposed to all government handouts that don’t personally benefit them.

What to do?

Easy. Ignore it. From personal experience, the “report cards” work well at lighting a wood stove. And burning wood deprives Koch Industries of money.

  1. WC left the bar code intact; translation of the bar code into WC’s real name and address are left as an exercise for the reader. 

5 thoughts on “Classless Koch Brothers Get Creepier

  1. All this tax-exempt concern-troll-chicanery is committed while attempting to make sure as many of the *wrong* people as possible are disenfranchised and thus earning an F on future *report cards* from Americans for Prosperity™. The Orwell-speak these people engage in would be comical, were it not so insidious. Cannot imagine the founders could ever have anticipated such a time as this. Woe is us.

  2. Well now that’s interesting. And here I’ve been depressed all morning that the data underlying the Voter History reports has been lost forever.

    That’s kind of an important question because that data could prove that Shannyn Moore was right about the 2008 election.

    I’m on a bit of a commenting whirlwind just now, so the following cut and paste has some redundant info. Sorry.

    Hi, for a while now I’ve been trying to get people in Alaska to notice that Shannyn Moore was probably correct and that the 2008 election results in Alaska were fraudulent, but it’s been an uphill battle against my Asperger’s Syndrome, which keeps me from articulating the my case clearly and succinctly in emails or phone calls.

    More to the point it’s likely that the electoral fraud was ordered by Sarah Palin and the threat of this being revealed in 2009 precipitated her resignation.

    I’ve prepared this blog/Youtube Channel laying out my evidence, and am now passing it around to all the Progressive/Political AK bloggers I can find.

    I hope you’ll look at it carefully and consider sharing on your blog. The case is complex and technical, but you can get by by watching/reading Introduction, Evidence 3 and maybe 4, and the first Conclusion video/blog post.

    Hope you find the info interesting,

    John Foelster

    • John Foelster –

      There are at least two problems with your theory.

      First, it implies a degree of competence and sophistication in Sarah Palin that Palin has never evidenced. WC knows from personal contact with the Quitter that she simply doesn’t have the smarts to bring a conspiracy off. Neither did anyone associated with her campaign. The number of “tell-all” exposés on Palin since the McCain fiasco underscore that point.

      Second, WC knows and greatly respects Gail Fenumiai, the Director of the Divisions of Elections from 2008 to present, and an supervisor prior to that. She is scrupulously honest, meticulous and, more importantly, her decisions at Director have been affirmed in every single case that has gone to court. If there was the slightest hint of misconduct in an election, Diretor Fenumiai would make it public at once. And Fenumiai is smart enough to find any chicanery.

      WC isn’t saying there aren’t conspiracies in Alaska politics. There demonstrably are. And Veco wasn’t the only one. But not involving the Division of Elections since 2008.


    • I do not know Director Fenumiai and can’t speak for her character as you do. All I know is the numbers, which simply don’t add up, and the visible actions of the people who are preparing the Voter History reports that have been published online, which I can’t square with any sensible narrative of technical use. (Evidence 4)

      FWIW, I do not believe Fenumiai had the slightest knowledge that anything bad had happened in 2008 until June or so 2009, and reported it directly to Parnell, who convinced her that going public was against the best interest of Alaska at that time. My gut feeling is she did not and does not like this much.

      I have a different suspect inside Division of Elections in mind for the hacker whose name I am deliberately withholding until I have more proof. That (presumably very clever) person would have been the technical mastermind and would likely have gone to Palin with the idea.

      I need to know that they officiated the drawing for the random precinct selection and acted as GEMS operator for 2008 and changed the format on the Voter History reports before I’d be confident enough to implicate them.

      The problem with the director detecting the chicanery in 2008 is the same reason nobody else detected. It’s too brazen to be believed. All the specialist have simply assumed some on else would have caught it at an unconscious level. I was ready to give up until I tripped over the main voter history reports, the database for which the Koch bros seem to be using to irritate you.

      Its just possible to convince yourself that it was a naturally occurring weirdness in the data patterns, until you look at the report that says Obama picked up something like 3% points of the vote in 2012 when registered Democratic turnout crashed ~16%. (That’d be Evidence 3).

      At any event, I appreciate your patience in looking and thank you for your feedback. 🙂


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