Sullivan’s Stinkeroos – November 1 Edition

stink·er·oo (noun, slang)
Pl: stink·er·oos

One that is contemptible, disgusting, irritating, or very bad.

Senator Wannabe Dan “Carpetbagger” Sullivan keeps pulling off stinkeroos. He reminds WC of a cat who has crapped on the kitchen linoleum, in plain sight and smell of all, but industriously tries to cover it up for a while before deciding to pretend the mess isn’t there.

The Carpetbagger’s family owns RPM, which settled a Federal False Claims Act case last August for $65 million (!) for overcharging the U.S. government. That would be the same RPM which has contributed and “encouraged” its employees to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Carpetbagger’s primary and general election campaigns. So the guy who complains about wasteful spending by the federal government turns out to own $1 million worth of stock in a company his family owns that ripped off the U.S. for millions of dollars. And that company is hugely subsidizing his play for Alaska’s senate seat. That’s a stinkeroo.

The Carpetbagger’s brother Sean Sullivan is quite a successful fishmonger. The company is called Navillus, “Sullivan” spelled backwards. Isn’t that clever? Among Sean’s most important products are Chinese-grown, antibiotic-laced, farm-raised Atlantic Salmon. A product that directly competes with Alaska wild salmon. The Carpetbagger has also lobbied in support of genetically modified organisms – including Frankenfish – on behalf of the State Department. All of the Alaska Congressional delegation has opposed introduction of Frankenfish because of the risk to Alaska’s wild salmon stocks. If he’s elected, who is the Carpetbagger gpoing to work for, his brother the farmed salmon salesman, who heavily subsidized his election, or Alaska fishermen? That’s a stinkeroo.

Sullivan’s largest financial backer, even bigger than his very wealthy family, is the Koch Brothers. In their effort to buy themselves another U.S. Senate seat, they have pumped at least $40,000 directly into the Carpetbagger’s campaign. They have spent millions in dark money creating and sponsoring attack ads on the Carpetbagger’s Republican primary opponents and now on Senator Mark Begich.  Is anyone surprised that the Carpetbagger has refused to criticize his Koch Brother masters when they shuttered the Flint Hills refinery and caused higher property taxeshigher gas priceshigher road construction prices, and elimination of Frontier Air service in Fairbanks? The Carpetbagger’s biggest financial supporters have worked the worst economic injury on Fairbanks since the 1984 recession. That’s a stinkeroo.

Since early in the primary, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – no friend of Alaska – has run ads supporting the Carpetbagger and slagging Senator Begich. Of course, the Carpetbaggers older brother, Frank Sullivan, the head of RPM, is on the board of directors of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Just helping out his kid brother, WC supposes. The local and state Chambers of Commerce scrambled to distance themselves from their mothership. The Carpetbagger thanked the Anchorage Chamber by blowing off the debate against Senator Begich there. Like he didn’t want to face unpleasant questions. That’s a stinkeroo.

To WC, the Carpetbagger reeks of opportunism and a detestable kind of political sandbagging. He refuses to take positions because it might hurt his chances. Heck, we don’t even know where he lives, let alone what he stands for or who he will represent. He dodges the debates and forums where we might be able to find answers.

Let’s be clear: WC disagrees with Mark Begich on a number of issues. But when the choice is Mark Begich or the Carpetbagger, it’s easy to tell who is the stinkeroo.