Jiminy Cricket Department: All Your Dreams Come True


Cliff Edwards, voicing Jiminy Cricket, sings "When You Wish Upon a Star," from Walt Disney's Pinochio

Cliff Edwards, voicing Jiminy Cricket, sings “When You Wish Upon a Star,” from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio

Jiminy Cricket, the know-it-all, top-hat-wearing, umbrella-carrying grasshopper of Disney’s Pinocchio, used to wish that all of our dreams would come true. That’s not going to happen for WC. But WC’s dream that Ken Ham’s idiot Creationist Museum would be a colossal failure is happening, even as WC writes.

According to Mark Stern, writing for Slate, not only is the Creationist Museum losing money but Ham’s latest Biblical literalist boondoggle, Ark Encounter, is selling creationist junk bonds in a desperate effort to raise funds. And that was before the State of Kentucky noticed blatant, illegal discrimination in Ark Encounters’ hiring practices and announced it was withdrawing its ill-conceived $18.25 million in tax credits.

Two steps back. Kenneth Ham is the creationist charlatan who lost an evolution debate to Bill Nye a few months back. Ham has his absurd Creationist Museum outside of Petersville, Kentucky. It’s not doing so well. According to Yahoo News,

To add to the bad news, the Creation Museum is having its lowest attendance year yet. Last fiscal year, 280,000 people visited, compared to 404,000 the first year it opened in 2007. Zovath thinks that potential visitors have been less willing to travel to the museum because of the poor economy.

Or maybe the number of folks who conflate 65 million years with 6,000 years is limited, and that particular brand of soap isn’t selling as well as you’d expected?[^1]

That hasn’t stopped Ham from separating gullible Christianists from their money fundraising some $13.6 million for yet another monument to American credulity, the Ark Encounter. He even persuaded the State of Kentucky to grant tax credits of some $18.25 million in support of the scam.

But the Constitution of the State of Kentucky prohibits discrimination, including discrimination on religious beliefs. And the employment application for folks desperate enough to work on the Ark Encounter carefully and explicitly screens for your creationist beliefs as a condition to working on the boondoggle. Let’s just say that folks who recognize evolution is real need not apply. In fact, if your world view extends beyond the Old Testament, you’re disqualified.

The State of Kentucky has told Ham that if he discriminates in hiring based on religious beliefs, he can’t have his tax credits. Ham and his colleagues at Ark Encounter are certain that it is religious discrimination. They’re wrong. It’s what Ham wants to do that is religious discrimination. Ham and his colleagues can play by the rules or get by without state tax credits.

WC, of course, would strongly prefer that the Commonwealth of Kentucky invested its taxpayer money in undoing the disinformation and harm that Creationists inflict, rather than supporting ignorance and credulity. So Jiminy Cricket promises haven’t come through completely for WC.

But creationist junk bonds? Declining attendance at that idiot museum? And pending financial collapse of the even sillier Ark Encounter? WC’s getting his wishes, whether through Jiminy Cricket or something else. In a dismal election season, this qualifies as excellent news.

WC intends to stand outside tonight, whatever the temperature, fix the pending primary election in minds and do some serious wishing on a star. By Jiminy.

[^1]:Ham on biology: “Scientists, like everyone else, are sinners. Because of this, they don’t want to believe. It has nothing to do with evidence.” Biological science is a myth because it cannot be allowed to contradict the Bible.


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