Okay, Explain This: Parsing Election 2014

No stranger than Alaska politics...

No stranger than Alaska politics…

All three initiatives – citizen legislation – on the Alaska 2014 general election ballot qualify as “progressive.” An increase in the minimum wage, legalization of marijuana and additional protections against big mining projects are all “liberal” issues. Not libertarian; all involve increased government regulation, even the dope legalization. As WC writes this early postmortem on Alaska’s 2014 election, all three appear likely to pass.

And yet those same voters re-elected Dipshit Don to the U.S. House, chose a Maryland resident backed by the guys who closed Flint Hills Refinery as Alaska’s U.S. Senator and returned a solid, very conservative majority to the Alaska Legislature.

Even the apparent ouster of Captain Zero as Governor, if the results hold up, was performed by a Republican allied with a conservative Democrat.

Sure, there are bushels of absentee and mailed ballots to count. Senator Begich hasn’t conceded. Captain Zero hasn’t conceded. The Bush votes could very well flip the dope legalization. But, at least at this point in the ballot count, this is a very, very strange result.

Are Alaska voters liberal on specific issues and otherwise conservative? Are they ignorant or indifferent to Dipshit Don’s erratic and self-destructive behavior? Easily fooled by the Big Money outfits who piled on in this election? Or just collectively bipolar?

It’s a puzzle, isn’t it?


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