Lock Up Your Daughters! Bill Allen Off Probation

Unconvicted Child Molester, Grifster and Cheat, Bill Allen

Unconvicted Child Molester, Grifster and Cheat, Bill Allen

Bill Allen completed his probation under this federally plea-bargained sentence this week. You’ll want to hide your wallet, beware of old guys offering you money, and, of course, lock up your daughters. Lest we forget, let’s have a brief review here.

Bill Allen, former CEO of Veco, is Alaska’s most famous griftster. Caught by the Feds offering bribes, he unhesitatingly cooperated with the Fed’s sting, wiring Suite 604 at Juneau’s Baranof Hotel for video and sound, and taking down a sizable chunk of the Alaska Legislature. He could have said “No,” taken a harsher sentence, and kept what was left of his honor. But, instead, he helped the FBI obtain damning evidence against most everyone who called him a friend.

Those likely weren’t his worst crimes; those are just ones where he was caught and convicted. There have been strong rumors for years that Allen committed serial child sex abuse. There were substantiated allegations involving five teenage girls but Alaska prosecutors claimed to be unable to corroborate that any of them had sex with Allen at age 15 or younger, Yet the State had a 16 year old child prostitute who was willing to testify Allen flew her multiple times from Anchorage to Seattle for sex when she was 16. That would be a violation of the federal Mann Act, but the Feds wouldn’t prosecute Allen and refused to delegate prosecution authority to the State. So Allen got away with statutory rape.

He screwed teenage girls, not just his friends. And got away with it.

He also killed the venerable Anchorage Times, but WC will grudgingly grant that may have been a mercy killing.

Allen’s … checkered … career also includes the largest fines imposed by the Alaska Public Offices Commission, a messy Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and repeated efforts to frustrate state taxation of the oil industry, putting his company’s personal interest ahead of the State of Alaska’s.

And, of course, Bill Allen’s willingness to save his own skin at whatever the cost to his friends took down Senator Ted Stevens. That gave us Senator Mark Begich, no bad thing, but now has given us Senator Koch Sullivan, which will prove to be a very bad thing indeed.

The picture that emerges for anyone who studies Allen’s career is a guy who will screw anybody, anytime to serve himself and his personal interests. Corruption enclouds him like a foul vapor. He’s dangerous, especially to his friends.

In return for his “cooperation,” Allen got a sweetheart deal from the Feds. He has finished the last bit of his sentence. He’s back on the streets. Be warned.

So, yeah. Lock up your daughters. Watch your wallet. And be wary of 74-year old geezers who offer you money.