An Open Letter to Senator Cathy Geissel

Dear Senator Geissel:

I have reviewed Senate Joint Resolution 11, introduced and sponsored by you. The title of the resolution is embarrassing,

“Urging the President of the United States and the United States Congress to acquire the area commonly known as Central Park on Manhattan in New York City on behalf of the federal government; urging the United States Congress to declare Central Park to be a wilderness area and to prohibit any further improvement or development of Central Park unless authorized by an Act of Congress.”

The text of the resolution is childish twaddle.

The tone of the resolution is a kind of playground temper tantrum that should embarrass any thinking Alaska citizen. It’s a self-indulgement display of fatuousness that is unworthy of the Alaska Legislature. WC is mortified that a member of the Legislative branch of the State of Alaska would engage in this kind of self-indulgence.

While you may think you have cause for grievance, you do not advance your grievance by the kind of petulance reflected in this juvenile, silly ploy.

If the State of Alaska and Alaska Legislature act as a child, they are going to be treated as a child and ignored. No one takes the whining protests of a child seriously; screaming “It’s not fair” is counter-productive. The appropriate reaction to an infant’s screaming temper tantrum is to ignore it; I promise that is the reaction the State will receive if this silliness is adopted by the Alaska State Senate. You are proposing to provide the Federal government with compelling evidence that the State of Alaska should not be taken seriously.

WC urges you to withdraw this piece of foolishness and approach the issues as an adult.

/Wickersham’s Conscience

P.S. You’ve provided the answer to WC’s question of February 1: the answer is, “Yes.”



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Senator Cathy Geissel

  1. I can only note the cognitive dissonance of Geissel, and her crony Repugnants.

    Don’t anyone tell them, but Central Park is already a park and preserve.

    It’s essentially already withdrawn and protected.

    In 1962 the park’s status as a National Historic Landmark was listed and administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the National Park Service. The park today is administered by a conservancy group that has the full support of the city, the state, and the feds.

    All of which means, Central Park is already set aside and closed to development.

    Geissel’s stunt is pure Republican cognitive dissonance on display for all to see.

    I never tire of seeing Alaska Republicans so clearly demonstrating their brain-dead idiocy.

    Geissel is a giant amongst her peers.

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