Senator Sullivan Embarrasses Alaskans: Not for the Last Time, Either

Absolutely Not John Lindauer. Really. (Photo from Juneau Empire)

Absolutely Not John Lindauer. Really. (Photo from Juneau Empire)

Senator Dan Sullivan (R, Ohio, Maryland, Kochtopus) was one of the 47 Republican United States Senators who signed a letter to the Iranian government. The Junior Senator from Alaska signed the letter, which condescendingly claims the Iranian government “may not fully understand our constitutional system” and notes that a new U.S. president could revoke a unilateral agreement.”We hope this letter enriches your knowledge of our constitutional system and promotes mutual understanding and clarity as nuclear negotiations progress,” the letter states.

WC promises you that the Iranians understand the U.S. government much better than the 47 Republican busybodies understand the Iranian government. Many Iranans studied in the United States; WC suspects none of the 47 U.S. Senators have set foot in Iran. Let alone studied its form of government.

WC is particularly annoyed at Senator Sullivan because he is a lawyer. He even has a license to practice law. He passed a bar examination which included constitutional law. The U. S. Constitution, at Article II, §2, Clause 2 states,

[The President] shall have Power, and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…

The Senate gets to advise the President. The Senate gets to consent to a treaty. But the President, not the Senate, has the treaty-making power. The Senate has no right to involve itself in the negotiation of treaties, except to advise the President. Senator Sullivan took it upon himself the join in an effort to advise a foreign power. The action is so far out of bounds as to beggar description. It seems to be completely unprecedented in American history. It is a transparent effort to frustrate and defeat negotiations with a foreign power. Senator Sullivan knows full well it is absolutely wrong.

You may recall that Senator Sullivan’s resumé u=includes a brief stint as an employee of the United States State Department. He was as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs. He has boasted about being involved in negotiations in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, and to an International Energy Agency conference, on new sources and routes of natural gas and oil supplies across the Caspian. Can you imagine how furiously angry he would have been if 47 Democratic Senators had sent a letter to,say, the government of Azerbaijan, interfering in those negotiations?1

Senator Sullivan knows better. He knows it as a lawyer who studied constitutional law. He knows it as a former State Department mid-level employee. He knows it was utterly wrong for the Senate to write such a letter. He knows it was utterly wrong to sign such a letter. Senator Murkowski figured it out. Senator Sullivan was apparently more concerned about sucking up to his new Teabagger chums than trying to award yet another land war in Asia.

That’s a bad sign.

  1. Lt. Col. Dan Sullivan also interfered with his Commander in Chief’s work, likely a violation of the U. S. Military Code of Justice. Remember Senator Sullivan thinks it’s perfectly all right to also be Lt. Col. Dan Sullivan (USMC). 

5 thoughts on “Senator Sullivan Embarrasses Alaskans: Not for the Last Time, Either

  1. Sullivan graduated with honors from Harvard College and Georgetown Law. Tom Cotton graduated with honors from Harvard and Harvard Law.
    Clearly, they both know the law. They’re betting that their constituents aren’t Constitutional scholars and will believe anything they’re told by these shysters. Politicians are often/usually cynical. These 47 Senators have taken cynicism to an historic low.

  2. I really hope that they are sanctioned at the very least. This behavior goes far, far, beyond anything every done to undermine a sitting President and it should be punished.

  3. A certain percentage of these 47 senators are educated; they realize the constitutional implications of signing this letter, yet they rely on the uneducated and uniformed 25% of Americans, that group that questions nothing and believes everything, to support their unprecedented attack on the executive office. It’s so sickening that the least of us is the most vocal and gets the most media attention and supports legislative activities that they don’t understand.

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