Dealing Badly with Change

it’s probably partly the head cold, but WC has been a little cranky lately. To a considerable extent, it’s dealing badly with change:

Aaron Johnson has apparently abandoned his wonderful What the Duck, one of WC’s favorite web cartoons. The last new cartoon was in August. It was pretty good, but it’s getting a little stale, and there’s no indication either there or on his Facebook page things are going to change. Sad. It was a lot of fun.

The world is Pratchettless. It’s still sinking in. That’s a big lacuna. In an effort to cheer himself up a little, WC has re-read a sampling of Pratchett. But it only made the loss seem bigger. Pratchett’s gentle use of satire was so superb, sometimes subtle and sometimes a knife in the ribs. For Pratchett, the greatest crime, the greatest sin, was treating people as objects. And yet he died of a disease that robbed him of that essential humanity, that turned him into an object. As Pratchett wrote of Death, “There is no justice, there’s only me.” But the lesson is hard to accept.

The spineless Fairbanks Daily News-Miner has apparently abandoned Doonesbury. Granted, they were re-runs, but an old Doonesbury was far more interesting, insightful and amusing than three-quarters of the pablum on the comics page. Lord, WC is starting to sound like an old fart.

Former Governor Sean “Captain Zero” Parnell’s oil tax bill continues to savage the Alaska budget. WC is really, really tired of the apologists who say the old ACES wouldn’t have generated more money; that’s a classic straw man argument. Because it is the tax credits built into SB 21, not just changed tax structure, that is killing us. Because Captain Zero disconnected the basis for tax credits from oil in the pipeline, it may very well be utterly wasted state revenue. Fairbanksans would be better off burning the paper money in their furnaces; at least it would generate a little heat instead of just dividends for Big Oil.

The Alaska State Senate has voted to repeal the Alaska film tax credit program. Too late, too late, too late. Palin has already made her surreality show. The irreparable damage has already happened.

WC’s mood will likely improve with his sinuses. Or if it stopped snowing.


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  1. I feel your pain. Really, I do. I used to get one or two sinus infections yearly as well as pneumonia every other year. Finally, against my better judgment, which turned out to be poor most of the time, I went to a naturapathic doctor. The first thing she said was to stop drinking dairy. Actually, she said to stop all dairy, but I couldn’t give up cheese. I haven’t had a sinus infection or pneumonia or much of a cold in almost six years. I’m a believer now.

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