Watching Rep. Reinbold “Rally the Troops”

Republican Apostate Rep. Lora Reinbold (R, “I didn’t vote for her”) sent out an email April 10 that clearly demonstrates she has no grasp of high school civics. As reported by KTTU, her email read:

Confusing "activist" with "legislator"

Confusing “activist” with “legislator”

That’s not exactly a model for considered deliberation, is it? That’s a person whose mind is closed to constituent input the same way a rat trap is closed on a rat. Not only does Rep. Reinbold want more testimony from those who oppose expansion of Medicaid; she wants everyone to take care not to let the Bad Guys – those who support Medicaid expansion – to be kept in the dark.

Contacted by KTTU, she is reported to have said:

Those who oppose (Medicaid expansion), their voices are being drowned out. There’s lobbyists and special interest groups all over the Capitol, and these people are able to come testify in person. I thought it was critical for other Alaskans who don’t have connections like that to have a voice.

Rep. Reinbold’s mind is closed to the possibility that she and her fellow legislators are hearing from the majority. And she is very clear that those devils who support Medicaid expansion aren’t going to change her mind. Apparently, even if they are her constituents her mind is locked shut. She’s focused on swaying others, who are deliberating. Whose minds might be open. Her implied admission is that she lacks the skills and credibility to persuade her colleagues herself, and must have the help of the voters.

Of course, the utter misery of those who don’t have and can’t afford health insurance, destined for bankruptcy in the event of any serious illness, never crosses this alleged human’s mind.

It’s classic teabaggery: a narrow, rigid view, an unwillingness to meaningfully participate in a process, and an absolute refusal to compromise. She told the Juneau Daily Empire, “I believe that relationships are more important than politics and I have good relationships with many in this building.” If that were true, we wouldn’t have seen the email.

WC would urge Rep. Reinbold to think about all this, but that narrow, rigid view doesn’t permit it. So Eagle River, her hometown, is pretty much unrepresented in the State House.