Tammie Wilson: Hypocritical and Damnfoolish

Interior Gas Utility started easement clearing work to install an underground  natural gas system in the North Pole area. When done, it should cut North Pole heating costs in half, and address the air pollution problem that plagues the area. So why is Rep. Tammie Wilson (R, Ignorance) trying to monkey wrench the work?

Hypocrisy and Damnfoolishness at the Same Time

Hypocrisy and Damnfoolishness at the Same Time

Rep. Wilson doesn’t give a damn about birds. Rep. Wilson claims to loath the federal government. Rep. Wilson has demanded cheap energy for her constituents. So why is she trying to block the installation of natural gas lines that benefit her constituents?

So far as WC can tell, all of the work is being done within easements granted by the property owners. These folks are getting 100 feet of pipe and a meter for $50 and they are complaining about perfectly legal right-of-way clearing? They are getting the equivalent of $2.00 per gallon heating oil and they are whining?

And their elected representative is encouraging them to complain? Encouraging them to interfere and obstruct?

leader might have said, “Suck it up guys, you’re going to to win big in the long run.” But we’re talking about Rep. Wilson, for whom hypocrisy is the preferred course of action.

Adlai Stevenson says we get the leaders we deserve. North Pole must have done something very, very bad.


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