Murkowski and Sullivan Drift Further Into Teabaggery

Both Senator Lisa Murkowski (R, Opportunism) and Senator Dean Sullivan (R, Ohio, Maryland, Koch) both voted against confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General of the United States.

In a press release, Senator Murkowski said,

Loretta Lynch may be a very capable prosecutor, but I am not confident that she has the independence necessary to stand up to the President and change the culture of the Justice Department for the better.

In WC’s view, Senator Murkowski isn’t qualified to polish to polish Loretta Lynch’s shoes. Murkowski is a failed lawyer; her bacon was saved when her father, Frank “the Bank” Murkowski picked her to be his successor. Lynch is a distinguished prosecutor, who has spent more time in court trying serious criminal cases than Lisa Murkowski has days practicing law. Loretta Lynch is absolutely qualified to be AG, far more so than the political hacks nominated by Republican presidents. Anyone remember John Mitchell?

Senator Murkoski also had the nerve to say AG Lynch had failed to “demonstrate a genuine interest in the public safety challenges that face our rural communities.” That’s rich, coming from a woman who tacked on an exception excluding Alaska Native women from the Violence Against Women Act.

Senator Dan Sullivan’s excuse is even lamer. He claims to be worried that AG Lynch wouldn’t be independent of the President.

In her public testimony and in a private meeting with me, Ms. Lynch has been unconvincing that she would put the law and the Constitution above defending the president’s policies, many of which I believe have undermined the separation of powers

This from a former Alaska Attorney General who was an utter toady to the screwball whims of former Governor Sarah Palin, as well as lying about his record as state Attorney General.

Sullivan opposed Lynch as Attorney General because she was President Obama’s nominee. He was sucking up to his Teabagger constituents and, WC strongly suspects, following the orders of his Kochtopus masters. Like Murkowski, Sullivan – a political opportunist – isn’t qualified to polish the shoes ofLoretta Lynch, a bona fide career prosecutor.

Every woman in Alaska, every person of color in Alaska, every thoughtful Alaskan, should be outraged and appalled by these wretched actions. And carefuly remember them for the next election.


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  1. OMG! I know you didn’t mean it in a racist way but it amazes me that some white people don’t know that the shoe shine thing is very racist. Think about it.

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