Review: BodyVox

Fairbanks Concert Association’s final event of the 2014-2015 season featured BodyVox, a modern dance group. BodyVox distinguishes itself from other dance groups by it athleticism, exceptional creativity and humor. Consider, for example, “Deere John”:

If dance is the art of movement of the body to music (or at least rhythm), how would you interpret a somewhat frantic Paganini violin solo? BodyVox has the answer, a solo dancer who spins his hands, arms, feet and legs in high speed circles.

BodyVox does straight ahead modern dance, and does it very well. “Falling for Grace” was a fine example, during which Grace seduces and then abandons a lover. Or the very clever “Dormez Vous,” in which a sleeping couple are tormented by very real dreams. They also have acts that display their impressive athleticism, most notable the trapeze work by Daniel Kirk and Eric Skinner in “X-Axis.”

For WC, it’s that cleverness, theatricality, creativity and humor that sets Portland-based BodyVox apart from other modern dance troupes. WC’s congratulations to Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland, the co-founders and co-artistic directors of BodyVox. They have reated something unique, accessible and highly entertaining. The show is called “Reverie,” but it’s much more. WC’s thanks to Fairbanks Concert Association for bringing BodyVox to town.