Memorial Day, 2015

Black Phoebe on Tombstone, San Diego, CA

Black Phoebe on Tombstone, San Diego, CA

Our leaders send our soldiers into idiot wars, stupid battles and pointless deaths. Vietnam, Iraq; wars based upon lies our leaders told us. Morally wrong and worse than futile. And each has involved the sacrifice of thousands of American lives.

But as much as WC may loath and despite the American leaders who send our soldiers to those senseless deaths, WC respects and honors the soldiers who go into those battles, doing their best and giving their blood and their lives. The very least we can do is honor them once a year.

So pause for a moment today, among the hot dogs, NASCAR events and recreation, and remember those who made those sacrifices. It is not their fault that the cause was wrong or our leaders lied. You can detest the generals and still honor the troops.

Happy Memorial Day.