But Senator Inhofe Is an Honorable Man


(With sincere apologies to William Shakespeare, WC here does mortal damage to Julius Caesar, specifically the funeral oration of Marc Antony at Act III, Scene 2.)

Here, under leave of Senator Inhofe and the rest–
For Senator Inhofe is an honourable man;
So are they all, all those Republicans, honourable men–
Comes WC to speak of climate change.
The scientific evidence is overwhelming,
Mankind is warming the planet:
But Senator Inhofe says it’s all a lie;1
And Senator Inhofe is an honourable man.
The very coast of Alaska is washing away;
The ocean is acidifying and killing the fish we eat:
Sea levels are rising and ice caps are melting.
But Senator Inhofe says it’s all a lie;
And Senator Inhofe is an honourable man.
When it was re-election time,
Senator Inhofe received $458,500 from the oil industry:2
But swears that does not color his opinion at all:
Senator Inhofe says he is objective;
And Senator Inhofe is an honourable man.
Ninety-seven percent of climatologists agree
That we are on a path to a climate disaster
Which Senator Inhofe did thrice refuse: was this honorable?
Yet Senator Inhofe says climate change is a lie;
And, sure, he is an honourable man.3

  1. “Thus far no one has seriously demonstrated any scientific proof that increased global temperatures would lead to the catastrophes predicted by alarmists. In fact, it appears that just the opposite is true: that increases in global temperatures may have a beneficial effect on how we live our lives.” “The Science of Climate Change Senate Floor Statement by U.S. Sen. James M. Inhofe (R-Okla) Chairman, Committee on Environment and Public Works,” inhofe.senate.gov, July 28, 2003. 
  2. Some on-line sources say it is more than $1.1 million. But here we are quibblling over the price of the wretched man’s honor, not whether or not he has sold it. 
  3. All right, you try writing about climate change in iambic pentameter. 

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