Tammie Wilson Tries Again

Tammie Wilson, photo credit unknown

Tammie Wilson, photo credit unknown

The Garbage Queen of Fairbanks is determined to attempt again to inflict her vision of local government on the citizens of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Tammie Wilson is running for Borough Mayor. Again.

Let’s be clear about Tammie Wilson’s vision: Government is bad. Individual rights are absolutely preeminent, even if it means burning your toxic trash and gassing your neighbors. And a complete, willful ignorance of the Tragedy of the Commons is mandatory.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports Wilson told them,

“I sat on the sidewalk for a couple of weeks and the majority of things I heard are that people are tired of the borough making more and more regulations and telling them how they should live,” the North Pole Republican said. “We just can’t go three more years on the path that we have been going.”

WC gets a headache just behind his eyeballs thinking of Rep. Wilson literally sitting on the sidewalk. What she probably meant is that she was out collecting signatures for her latest attempt to cripple air quality control in the Borough. And talked with those folks who didn’t turn her and her idiot petition away at the door. And those folks, of course, are annoyed they can’t burn tires, plastics and green wood in their outdoor furnaces, and signed her petition.

Because the Borough isn’t “making more and more regulations” except in the narrow area of air quality and that’s because that is what the voters, in citizen legislation, directed the Borough to do.1 But that’s not the only instance of . . . aberrational . . . thinking from Rep. Wilson. She also axed $5 million from the Barnette Elementary School  renovation, ignoring the Borough’s priority for that project. That would be the same Borough she now wants to run.

One of the few positive accomplishments to come out of the recent State House was a modest addition to Creamer’s Refuge. 240 acres of state land were officially added on the northern side of the Creamer’s Field refuge, just south of Farmers Loop. It’s not a huge deal but it will allow the land to be managed consistently and will still allow for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mushing, hunting and trapping use by area residents. Only one House member voted against the bill: Rep. Tammie Wilson.

And now Rep. Wilson is trying to stop air quality enforcement by the Borough for a fourth time. Never mind that she and her band of individualists-at-any-expense are seriously jeopardizing the health of everyone in the Borough.2 And sacrificing local control to state control of air quality regulation. Rep. Wilson also opposes repair of schools, shared public lands like Creamer’s Refuge and public access to information.

Rep. Wilson lost to Mayor Luke Hopkins in the last Borough Mayoral election. And deserved it. She deserves to lose to Karl Kassel this time.


  1. The Borough did ban fireworks on the 4th of July, because Red Flag conditions, extreme risk of wild fire, were present throughout the Borough. The decision to ban fireworks was absolutely the right action. It was a matter of critical public safety. Mayoral candidate Wilson may disagree. If so, she’s wrong. Again. 
  2. Well, everyone who is here in the winter and has to breathe the air. That wouldn’t include Rep. Wilson, who has been in Juneau the last five winters.