Following Up and Following Down: July 2015

WC is temporarily disappropriated of his computer, and temporarily homeless as he prepares for his relocation. But there’s still time to take a few cheap shots and make snarky observations about the past month’s inanities.

Fox News has announced – you can’t make this kind of thing up – that it has lowered the standard for who may participate in the August 6 Republican presidential wannabe debate. WC recognizes that you can’t let all the dogs out in the play area at once. And there are an immense number of dogs; 16 to 18, depending on who is counting. But the idea of Fox News as the arbiter by definition means a very, very low standard. And the idea of lowering it still further would be amusing if we weren’t talking about presidential candidates.

The Donald – the leading Republican candidate for president, if that means anything in a pack of 18 candidates – announced that Sarah “the Quittter” Palin would have a place in his administration. Given the Donald’s patent misogyny, WC wonders what that place would be, but declines to speculate.

If anyone is still keeping score, Governor Sean “Captain Zero” Parnell lost another two lawsuits in federal court. Depending on how you count them, the  score is now something like 2 wins against 16 losses. The moral of the story is that Captain Zero isn’t a very good lawyer and doesn’t surround himself with good lawyers. Or likes losing. In a very real sense, he’s another one of former Governor Sarah Palin’s mistakes. Another consequence of Palin’s quitting.

A personal note: WC’s posts are going to be irregular the next few weeks. Internet service is sketchy down the Alaska Highway. There will be a trip to Juneau that could result in some photos, although how they will get to the blog remains to be seen. Look for a return to more regular posts in 3-4 weeks.




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