Bushy-tailed Woodrat, Neotoma cinerea

WC Is Unpacking

Literally unpacking. The movers arrived today and WC’s new home is a chaos of cardboard boxes, packing paper and stuff. Maybe a real blog post tomorrow, in between times with boxes. In the meantime, here’s a very nearly appropriate photo. The Woodrat is more commonly known as the Packrat.  

The Hugo Award, one of science fiction's biggest prixes

Nerds v. Teabaggers and Puppygate

Science Fiction fandom has always been a strange community. A non-fan wandering into a science fiction convention might wonder who all those very strange people are and why they are dressed like that. Sci-Fi fandom has been the cherished province of self-avowed nerds and geeks. They have their own vocabulary: fen, fafiate, gafiate and, of course,…

Steve Sasson's First Digital Camera, now at the Smithsonian

Ambushed by Change

Some years ago, WC attended a workshop on business valuation. The instructor – who was very good – opened by showing the income statements of a long-established company through 1976. The statements showed modest, slow growth in revenue and profits. “How much,” he asked, “Is this business worth?” We all made out guesses and then…