What Can You Get for $886,000? A Really Crappy Budget

WC’s already dismally low expectations for the current Alaska Legislature sank to a new low this year.

Not only did they collectively fail to seriously consider what really has to be done: a state income tax.

Not only did they fail to expand Medicaid, leaving the task to the Governor.

Not only have they made nonsensical cuts to important programs while slashing support for programs that offend their personal agendas.

They spent at least $886,000 of the state’s precious, dwindling cash on special sessions in the process.1 According to the Legislative Affairs Agency, the Legislature’s accountants, that’s the bill for the two thumb-twiddling, senseless special sessions they inflicted on the voters of Alaska. That’s how long it took for the majority to recognize that they were going to have to give in to the minority to draw from the Constitutional Budget Reserve. They inflicted layoff notices, unnecessary grief and suffering, and general nastiness on Alaska while charging us $886,000.

WC could have screwed up the budget just as badly for a fraction of the cost.

Worst of all, they left Alaska in a situation in which the business of a state income tax was not accomplished. And now we are headed into an election year, when the dubious spines of the majority caucuses in the House and Senate devolve to marshmallows. Which means another dangerous gouge out of the state’s savings accounts. Another year of turning a renewable resource – the dividends earned by investing – into a nonrenewable resource – more checks drawn on the state’s savings accounts, aggravating the financial crisis for the future. Money you spend cannot earn interest and dividends.

WC can only sputter at the awfulness of it all.


  1. Price does not include extending the regular session before throwing up their hands and going home to pout. Batteries – as distinct from batterers – not included.