WC Is On the Road

Wickersham House Parking, Juneau, Alaska, photo by Mrs. WC

Wickersham House Parking, Juneau, Alaska, photo by Mrs. WC

is on the ALaska Highway to the Lower 48. Blog posts will be in common the next week or two.

Regular posts should resume towards the end of the month.


3 thoughts on “WC Is On the Road

  1. That’s what one gets for being out in the bush too long (two months), I had no idea WC was moving south until a few minutes ago. Slow Internet speeds in the Wrangell Mountains doesn’t help.

    Anyway, at first I was dismayed reading this news but then heartened to learn the WC blog will still be maintained. Please don’t have any compunctions over sharing your Alaska ideas and views, particularly regarding Juneau politics and the sad state of state affairs that an oil oligarchy brings down upon us, which are likely to continue to plague those of us left behind. I for one will look forward to your insight and words of wisdom regarding such.

    After all, having been here over a 60 year stretch, with your knowledge and experience you have earned the right to a little absenteeism. Safe travels and best of luck in your new endeavors.

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