So Far Past Stupid

Republican Members, U.S. House Subcommittee on the Environment

Majority Caucus, Alaska Legislature

The Republican-led Majority Caucus has filed a lawsuit, seeking an injunction to prevent Governor Walker from implementing Medicaid expansion in Alaska.

Mind you, the same buffoons could have taken action in the last session to take the action themselves. They didn’t. No, the Legislature didn’t vote Medicaid expansion down; the majority caucus kept it from coming to the floor for a vote. And they did the same thing the two sessions before that.

Mind you, the majority caucus knows that if it came to a floor vote on Medicaid expansion, it would likely pass. Even House Speaker Mike Chenault , a would-be plaintiff in this new idiot lawsuit, has admitted expansion probably would win a floor vote. The GOP leadership argued its dubious caucus rules require a majority of the caucus to be in favor of a bill before it can go to the floor for a vote. It’s a made-up rule, adopted and imposed behind closed doors. WC strongly believes it violates that Alaska Constitution, giving too much control to a bare handful of legislators at the expense of the majority. But Chenault, Hawker, Kelly and Meyer claim to care about the Alaska Constitution?

Mind you, both the Attorney General and the Legislative Legal Services – that’s the Legislature’s own lawyers – have concluded Governor Walker’s actions are fully legal and constitutional.

Mind you, Medicaid expansion would be good for the Alaska economy, a especially important consideration since the Legislature has knifed Alaska’s economy and is prepared to contnue the butcher next session.

But these evil clowns are so obsessed with blocking anything and everything associated with the Affordable Care Act and the perceived betrayal by Governor Walker in becoming an independent candidate that, in desperation, they have spun their obsessions into a claim that in implementing Medicaid expansion Governor Walker has stepped on the Legislature’s power.

Mind you, the majority caucus is trying mightily to spin their idiot lawsuit. Ironically, in an opinion piece in the Alaska Dispatch where, with a straight face, Senate President Kevin Meyer (R, Anchorage), and House Speaker Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) wrote, “We have no desire to sue the executive branch and would rather spend our time listening to Alaskans than arguing in court.”

If Rep. Chenault spent any time listening to Alaskans he’d know that a strong majority of his constituents support Governor Walker’s Medicaid expansion. So that excuse doesn’t hold water.

Maybe Rep. Chenault and Sen. Meyer are flirting with the truth when they claim it’s all about the systems of checks and balances. Except the checks are political contributions from the anti-Affordable Care Act crowd, and the balances are the ones in their campaign chests. But if you think any member of the majority caucus gives a bear fart about constitutional checks and balances, WC has a great deal for you on Cushman Street Bridge in downtown Fairbanks. Serious offers, please. And cash only.

No, this is about power and monomania; the desire of the majority caucus to tear down a strong governor who left the Republican Party, and monomaniacal, irrational opposition to everything to do with the Affordable Care Act.