The Vileness That Spews from the Quitter

Alaska’s Shame, former half-term Governor Sarah Palin, is so desperate for attention that she cannot stop herself from spewing poison into the national conversations. Now she has involved herself in the Ahmed Mohamed scandal. On her Facebook page, she posted, “Right. That’s a clock, and I’m the Queen of England.”

Of course, it was a clock. Ahmed was handcuffed because he was Muslim. Not because anyone thought it was a bomb. Not because anyone with the sense God gave a cockroach – or the Quitter – could have believed it was a hoax bomb. There are no criminal charges pending against him.

And anyone who links to Briebart1 as a source is evil in and of themselves.

The Quitter’s ignorance, racism and Islamophobia are apparently bottomless. She doesn’t even bother to spell Ahmed’s name correctly.

WC declines to speculate what The Quitter may be the queen of, but it’s not England.

  1. The good men do dies with them. The evil that is lives on. 

3 thoughts on “The Vileness That Spews from the Quitter

  1. Sadly, the clown princess is a truly miserable individual who has been given an outlet to spew nastiness because she gets page hits. I think there should be a Palin free year. Remember the month everyone in
    the media refused to mention her? It was lovely.

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