Telling a story with photos: Pumpkin Vandals

The density of Fox Squirrels, Sciurus niger, in residential Boise, is astonishing. True omnivores, they will eat pretty much anything. including, as it turns out, pumpkins. Mrs. WC rode the Pumpkin Liner Train last weekend and scored half a dozen small pumpkins. They made a nice Hallowe’en decoration around the front door. Except.


Hmmm. What’s this?


Pretty tasty.


Anything dangerous watching?


Going for the butternut.

The remaining, un-squirreled pumpkins are stored safely until Hallowe’en.1


  1. “Going for the butternut” is a reference to the ice cream cooler in the cafeteria at Northwestern Law School. You served yourself by scooping ice cream out of those big five gallon cardboard tubs. For some reason, the butternut flavor was always at the bottom of the cooler. To get any, you had to practically crawl into the chest freezer. Watching, say, a mini-skirted Nancy Pacher get butternut ice cream was a rare treat. 

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