Equal Time for African-Americans: Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson making his points

Dr. Ben Carson making his points

After The Donald and Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson is the Republican presidential wannabe that WC finds most offensive. Not because of his skin color; not because he is a neurosurgeon; not even because he has staked out an impossibly right-wing political position.

WC dislikes Dr. Carson because he intentionally says stupid, offensive and outrageous things he knows to be untrue because he think it serves his political purposes. And anyone with intelligence above a box of rocks should be repulsed by a politician who deliberately, knowingly lies and offends for a selfish political purpose. How in the world could you trust them if the worst happened and they got elected?

You want examples? WC has examples.

Dr. Carson has referred to the Affordable Care Act as “the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery” and compared it to slavery. Remember, this comparison is coming from a physician. A very modest health insurance program, something every first world, developed country on the planet has in place, is worse than slavery? Can we think about that for a moment? On the one hand we have the very real scenes in, say, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and on the other we have a requirement for health insurance. This from a physician who happens to be African-American. Carson knows the claim is utterly false. He has made the claim purely for shock value. He’s lying to try and get elected.

Dr. Carson refers to the United States as a Christian nation. He doesn’t think the President should be a Muslim (although he claims he was misunderstood). Never mind that there is overwhelming evidence that those same Founding Fathers that Carson claims to revere were absolutely determined to separate church and state, having suffered under a state-mandated religion as colonies. Never mind the plain language in historic documents. And never mind the constitutional prohibition on a religious test for the presidency. Dr. Carson knows all this; he knows his statements are lies. But he thinks that what his constituents want to hear, so that’s what he says.

Then there are the Nazi analogies. Candidate Carson has implied that America under President Obama is like Germany under Adolf Hitler. Seariously, WC has somehow missed President Obama’s jack-booted SS troopers. There don’t seem to be any concentration camps. There don’t seem to millions of people being murdered for their religion or racial heritage. Did WC miss a second Holocaust?

Do you know about Godwin’s Law? It’s “inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparison of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Nazis – often referred to as ‘playing the Hitler card‘”. Dr. Carson, who knows the analogy is completely wrong, violates Godwin’s Law in each stump speech he gives.

There’s plagarism, acceptance of wholly bogus quotations, misrepresentation of tenets of Muslim faith, stupid claims about firearms.and anti-gay slurs.

WC has very low expectations for politicians. Especially Republican candidates for President. And ignorance or stupidity are flaws. But lying, intentional misstatements of fact, are much more serious. They raise a self-answering question: If a candidate will repeatedly lie to get elected, can we trust them if they are elected?

So Dr. Carson, apparently a very good neurosurgeon, gets crossed off WC’s list of possible tolerable Republicans. Because you can’t.


4 thoughts on “Equal Time for African-Americans: Ben Carson

  1. What does “one the one hand” mean? I think I will look elsewhere for an article I do not have to treat as a mysterious puzzle before I can read it. It was bad enough when you gave an “example”, but just assumed your readers are sheep who believe that if you write, “So and so said this”, well then it must be true!
    Free advice from someone who does this for a living- if you cite an example, you must also cite a SOURCE. And always, always, always proofread before publishing. You’re welcome.

    • WC thanks you for pointing out the typo. It’s fixed. WC checked your Facebook site to see if you followed your own advice on proofreading; oopsie, “all I Ser are backs being turned on me.” Who is “Ser” A mysterious puzzle? Can we agree proofreading your own writing is hard?

      As for sourcing, WC listened and watched to a couple of Dr. Carson’s stump speeches. Each of the examples is real. Something, WC notes, you don’t dispute. If you do dispute any of the examples, muster some evidence and, yes, source it.


  2. Carson is indeed offensive. I believe this presidential run is a huge grift on his side.
    He can sell a whole lot of books, raise his speaking fees and get invited to a lot of conservative affairs
    while partaking of enormous amounts of wing-nut welfare such as Fox appearances and the like.

  3. WC
    You seem to be far too generous to the good doctor. You accuse him of pandering. He is scary not because of pandering but I believe he actually believes what he is saying. That is why the more accurate critique of Dr. Carson was made by the wag who noted that he is exceptionally well-skilled (and thankfully so) at separating conjoined twins. But he is not very good at separating fact from fiction.
    In the few instances that I have managed to tolerate listening to that guy, I do not get the impression he is pandering. He is damn serious and he believes firmly what he is saying. That is why he is scary if he were to achieve any measure of success in influencing public policy.
    When one considers his religiosity, and the range of those whom he disfavors (some as a result of his religious beliefs), it is frightening to try to imagine the world this man would bring about if he gained power.

    Paul Eaglin

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