WC Is Starting to Get Mad


Governor Walker has called the Alaska Legislature into special session. The goal is to accomplish some relatively straightforward tasks to make a gas line fiscally possible. Effectively, it’s repairing more stuff The Quitter did that set up the State of Alaska for a fall. The Walker Administration seeks approval for spending about $150 million to buy out TransCanada, one of the state’s erstwhile partners in the proposed $55 billion natural gas pipeline. It’s chump change against the cost of the project, but the cow having gotten out of the barn once, WC supposes the Legislature wants to show extra zeal in case the cow gets run over.

So the Senate Finance Committee has been grilling both Walker Administration officials and the officers of the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation over . . . organizational charts. Senator Peter Micciche (R, Conoco-Phillips) is quoted as telling AGDC President Dan Fauske – a person the state senate claims to respect – that “The organizational chart that was presented to us does not make me any more comfortable.”

Feel free to insert a metaphor about sinking ships and deck chairs anywhere here you’d like.

You’d think that responsible state legislators would be focused on the deal with TransCanada, making certain that the extortion buyout price is as low as possible. You’d think they’d be making sure that the last taints of The Quitter and Captain Zero had been scrubbed out. You might think they’d be focused on optimizing the chances of getting a project absolutely vital to Alaska’s economy optimized. And you’d think that a group of Anchorageites with a professed distaste for Juneau would minimize their time there.

You’d be wrong.

Organizational charts. They spent hours arguing about organizational charts.

WC is starting to get mad.